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Clicking CDN should copy jQuery CDN URL to clipboard #212

imjoshdean opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Maybe I'm spoiled by how imgur does it, but my knee jerk reaction upon seeing was to click on CDN and have it copy the URL to my clipboard.

Seems like a simple thing, anyway we can get that?


@ajpiano @rdworth @dmethvin What do you guys think? Do we want to put flash on our sites?


it seems to work ok for @github but they have a lot more to offer in terms of things people automatically want to copy and paste. it strikes me as overkill for that one text field, tbh.


I feel the same way. Also, I don't think it's intuitive without an icon like GitHub uses.


I dunno. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to add the feature if we used something like zero clipboard: I've heard a lot of complaints about that CDN thing looking like it's supposed to copy to clipboard. Or at least do something.

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Closes gh-212
Closes gh-210
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