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jQuery - New Wave Javascript
What you need to build your own jQuery:
- Make sure that you have Java installed.
If not, go to this page and download "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0"
- You now have two options for building jQuery, if you have access to
common UNIX commands (like 'make', 'mkdir', 'rm', 'cat', and 'echo')
then simply type 'make' to build all the components.
- The other option is if you have Ant installed (or are on Windows and
don't have access to make). You can download Ant from here:
If you do have Ant, everytime (in this README) that I say 'make', do
'ant' instead - it works identically (for all intents and purposes).
How to build your own jQuery:
In the main directory of the distribution (the one that this file is in), type
the following to make all versions of jQuery, the documentation, and the test suite:
Here are each of the individual items that are buildable from the Makefile.
make jquery
The standard, uncompressed, jQuery code.
Makes: ./dist/jquery.js
make lite
jQuery without all the additional inline documentation and test cases.
Makes: ./dist/jquery.lite.js
make pack
A compressed version of jQuery (made with Packer).
Makes: ./dist/jquery.pack.js
make docs
Builds a complete copy of the documentation, based upon the jQuery source.
Makes ./docs/
Open this file in your browser:
make test
Builds a complete copy of the test suite, based upon the jQuery source.
Makes ./test/
Open this file in your browser:
Finally, you can remove all the built files using the command:
make clean
Additionally, if you want to install jQuery to a location that is not this
directory, you can specify the PREFIX directory, for example:
make PREFIX=/home/john/test/
make PREFIX=~/www/ docs
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them on the jQuery
mailing list, which can be found here: