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README: Update the description of the deprecated module
.andSelf is now gone.
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mgol committed Oct 30, 2014
1 parent f110360 commit 1d752731011d35e985271334ff98186728949f03
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@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ Some example modules that can be excluded are:
- **ajax/script**: The `<script>` AJAX transport only; used to retrieve scripts.
- **ajax/jsonp**: The JSONP AJAX transport only; depends on the ajax/script transport.
- **css**: The `.css()` method plus non-animated `.show()`, `.hide()` and `.toggle()`. Also removes **all** modules depending on css (including **effects**, **dimensions**, and **offset**).
- **deprecated**: Methods documented as deprecated but not yet removed; currently only `.andSelf()`.
- **deprecated**: Methods documented as deprecated but not yet removed.
- **dimensions**: The `.width()` and `.height()` methods, including `inner-` and `outer-` variations.
- **effects**: The `.animate()` method and its shorthands such as `.slideUp()` or `.hide("slow")`.
- **event**: The `.on()` and `.off()` methods and all event functionality. Also removes `event/alias`.

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