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Handle the case where JSLint complains about arguments in try/catch a…
…lready being defined (we use the name 'e' consistently for catch(e) - will work to standardize on that now).
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jeresig committed Oct 17, 2010
1 parent 497fc98 commit 25828768d7bc2d76438244e69d6eeb69c36227e6
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ var ok = {
"Use '===' to compare with 'null'.": true,
"Use '!==' to compare with 'null'.": true,
"Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.": true,
"Expected a 'break' statement before 'case'.": true

"Expected a 'break' statement before 'case'.": true,
"'e' is already defined.": true

var e = JSLINT.errors, found = 0, w;

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