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Created newandnotheworthy.txt to collect information for new releases
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jzaefferer committed Dec 11, 2006
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New and Notworthy


- Tons of bug fixes
- Extensions to $.ajax: $.ajax accepts additonal options: beforeSend, async and processData; returns XMLHttpRequest to allow manual aborting of requests, see docs for details
- AJAX module: the public $.ajax API is now used internally (for $.get/$.post etc.); loading scripts works now much more reliable on all browers except Safari
- New global ajax handler: ajaxSend - called before an ajax request is sent
- Extensions to global ajax handlers: ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete get XMLHttpRequest and settings passed as arguments
- Extensions to event handling: pageX and pageY are available x-browser (IE does not provide native pageX/Y)
- Improved docs: $(String) method has now two seperate descriptions, one for selecting elements, one for creating (html on-the-fly)
- FX module: Most inline stlyes added by animations are now removed when the animation is complete, eg. height style when animating height (exception: display styles)

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