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Updated the list of whats changed.
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jeresig committed Jan 3, 2007
1 parent af9e5d4 commit 3736ed011b7df5cae9751ef94c16c8d7164d0e58
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@@ -5,13 +5,18 @@ New and Noteworthy

- Massive speed-ups (4x-10x) in the selector engine
- jQuery is no longer destructive. Doing var a = $("a"); a.find("span"); does not change the original "a" variable.
- Removed .oneEvent() and .unEvent() helper methods.
- Added new .one( "type", fn ) method
- Performming .click(), .blur(), .focus(), .submit() will actually trigger the browsers default action for those events.
- Fixed synchronous requests
- $.get, $.getIfModified, $.post, $.getScript and $.getJSON now all pass through the XMLHttpRequest as returned by $.ajax
- Improved AJAX docs (eg. more examples for $.ajax)
- Improved event fixing (Opera provides event.srcElement, must ignore it if target is available; only create pageX if clientX is available)
- Fixed ID with context selectors (eg. div #id doesn't ignore "div" anymore)
- Fixed nth-child selectors to start on the right number
- Improved jQuery.merge to avoid unnecessary loops
- Removed the (undocumented) .find( "selector", fn ) for all destructive methods.
- Fixed docs for html(): Now mentions that is not available for XML documents
- Improved docs for blur() and focus(), mentioning the difference between calling the jQuery method and the DOM method
- Implemented a better error handling for ajax requests. Exceptions caused by dropping connections are now handled, too.

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