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Skip jQuery.sub() test since IE6 can't handle it.
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dmethvin committed Oct 10, 2012
1 parent fde2e44 commit 5a21150c9b633dbef134fd540762b4d88ebc5f71
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -1206,7 +1206,8 @@ test("jQuery.parseXML", 8, function(){

if ( jQuery.sub ) {
// Skip this test because IE6 takes too long; reinstate in the compat plugin
if ( jQuery.sub_runs_too_slow_in_IE6 ) {

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mikesherov Oct 11, 2012



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dmethvin Oct 11, 2012

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The unit tests wouldn't pass in IE6 because this test timed out. Since we're removing it from core next week I just added something to prevent it from running.

test("jQuery.sub() - Static Methods", function(){

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