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Improved a lot of docs, adding description to examples, merging metho…
…ds with optional arguments; Modified filter(Function) to set correct scope (this == element) instead of passing element as argument
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jzaefferer committed Jan 4, 2007
1 parent d1a4077 commit 5e49730
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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ New and Noteworthy
- Implemented a better error handling for ajax requests. Exceptions caused by dropping connections are now handled, too.
- Added global settings for AJAX (in addition to timeout), use $.ajaxSetup() to modify them
- You can now unbind event handlers from within themselves
- Documented filter(Function)
- Documented filter(Function), a very powerful approach for custom filtering
- Improved docs for FX module, merging method descriptions and marking optional arguments
- Improved docs for append, prepend, before and after, merging the three pairs into one

@@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ test("clone()", function() {
test("filter()", function() {
isSet( $("input").filter(":checked").get(), q("radio2", "check1"), "filter(String)" );
isSet( $("p").filter(["#ap", "#sndp"]).get(), q("ap", "sndp"), "filter(Array<String>)" );
isSet( $("p").filter(function(el) { return !$("a", el).length }).get(), q("sndp", "first"), "filter(Function)" );
isSet( $("p").filter(function() { return !$("a", this).length }).get(), q("sndp", "first"), "filter(Function)" );

test("not(String)", function() {

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