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There was a disabled test in the ajax test suite which said there wer…
…e too many simultainous requests. I re-enabled it when I found a bug that might have been the cause of the failure instead and it seems to work fine. We can disable it again if that ends up not being the case.
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davids549 committed Dec 4, 2007
1 parent 66fbbec commit 701b072e1a104bce03df700c5f620d4000ccd573
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 5 deletions.
@@ -218,23 +218,21 @@ test("synchronous request with callbacks", function() {

test("pass-through request object", function() {

var target = "data/name.html";
var count = 0;
var success = function() {
// Disabled
//if(count++ == 5)
// Re-enabled because a bug was found in the unit test that probably caused the problem
if(++count == 5)

/* Test disabled, too many simultaneous requests
ok( $.get(url(target), success), "get" );
ok( $.post(url(target), success), "post" );
ok( $.getScript(url("data/test.js"), success), "script" );
ok( $.getJSON(url("data/json_obj.js"), success), "json" );
ok( $.ajax({url: url(target), success: success}), "generic" );

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