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Tests: Add more tests for Sizzle attributes
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markelog committed Apr 15, 2014
1 parent d7af366 commit 8084ab24bc269af22e0cfd4af77a7a17eb39729a
Showing 1 changed file with 89 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ test("name", function() {

test( "comma selectors", function() {
test( "selectors with comma", function() {
expect( 4 );

var fixture = jQuery( "<div><h2><span/></h2><div><p><span/></p><p/></div></div>" );
@@ -100,12 +100,98 @@ test( "comma selectors", function() {
equal( fixture.find( "h2 , div p" ).filter( "h2" ).length, 1, "has to find one <h2>" );

test("attributes", function() {
expect( 54 );

test("attributes - jQuery only", function() {
expect( 5 );
var opt, input, attrbad, div, withScript;

t( "Find elements with a tabindex attribute", "[tabindex]", ["listWithTabIndex", "foodWithNegativeTabIndex", "linkWithTabIndex", "linkWithNegativeTabIndex", "linkWithNoHrefWithTabIndex", "linkWithNoHrefWithNegativeTabIndex"] );

t( "Attribute Exists", "#qunit-fixture a[title]", ["google"] );
t( "Attribute Exists (case-insensitive)", "#qunit-fixture a[TITLE]", ["google"] );
t( "Attribute Exists", "#qunit-fixture *[title]", ["google"] );
t( "Attribute Exists", "#qunit-fixture [title]", ["google"] );
t( "Attribute Exists", "#qunit-fixture a[ title ]", ["google"] );

t( "Boolean attribute exists", "#select2 option[selected]", ["option2d"]);
t( "Boolean attribute equals", "#select2 option[selected='selected']", ["option2d"]);

t( "Attribute Equals", "#qunit-fixture a[rel='bookmark']", ["simon1"] );
t( "Attribute Equals", "#qunit-fixture a[rel='bookmark']", ["simon1"] );
t( "Attribute Equals", "#qunit-fixture a[rel=bookmark]", ["simon1"] );
t( "Attribute Equals", "#qunit-fixture a[href='']", ["google"] );
t( "Attribute Equals", "#qunit-fixture a[ rel = 'bookmark' ]", ["simon1"] );
t( "Attribute Equals Number", "#qunit-fixture option[value=1]", ["option1b","option2b","option3b","option4b","option5c"] );
t( "Attribute Equals Number", "#qunit-fixture li[tabIndex=-1]", ["foodWithNegativeTabIndex"] );

document.getElementById("anchor2").href = "#2";
t( "href Attribute", "p a[href^=#]", ["anchor2"] );
t( "href Attribute", "p a[href*=#]", ["simon1", "anchor2"] );

t( "for Attribute", "form label[for]", ["label-for"] );
t( "for Attribute in form", "#form [for=action]", ["label-for"] );

t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name^='foo[']", ["hidden2"] );
t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name^='foo[bar]']", ["hidden2"] );
t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name*='[bar]']", ["hidden2"] );
t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name$='bar]']", ["hidden2"] );
t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name$='[bar]']", ["hidden2"] );
t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name$='foo[bar]']", ["hidden2"] );
t( "Attribute containing []", "input[name*='foo[bar]']", ["hidden2"] );

t( "Multiple Attribute Equals", "#form input[type='radio'], #form input[type='hidden']", ["radio1", "radio2", "hidden1"] );
t( "Multiple Attribute Equals", "#form input[type='radio'], #form input[type=\"hidden\"]", ["radio1", "radio2", "hidden1"] );
t( "Multiple Attribute Equals", "#form input[type='radio'], #form input[type=hidden]", ["radio1", "radio2", "hidden1"] );

t( "Attribute selector using UTF8", "span[lang=中文]", ["台北"] );

t( "Attribute Begins With", "a[href ^= 'http://www']", ["google","yahoo"] );
t( "Attribute Ends With", "a[href $= 'org/']", ["mark"] );
t( "Attribute Contains", "a[href *= 'google']", ["google","groups"] );
t( "Attribute Is Not Equal", "#ap a[hreflang!='en']", ["google","groups","anchor1"] );

t( "Empty values", "#select1 option[value='']", ["option1a"] );
t( "Empty values", "#select1 option[value!='']", ["option1b","option1c","option1d"] );

t( "Select options via :selected", "#select1 option:selected", ["option1a"] );
t( "Select options via :selected", "#select2 option:selected", ["option2d"] );
t( "Select options via :selected", "#select3 option:selected", ["option3b", "option3c"] );
t( "Select options via :selected", "select[name='select2'] option:selected", ["option2d"] );

t( "Grouped Form Elements", "input[name='foo[bar]']", ["hidden2"] );

// Make sure attribute value quoting works correctly. See jQuery #6093; #6428; #13894
// Use seeded results to bypass querySelectorAll optimizations
attrbad = jQuery(
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_space' name='foo bar'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_dot' value='2' name='foo.baz'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_brackets' value='2' name='foo[baz]'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_injection' data-attr='foo_baz&#39;]'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_quote' data-attr='&#39;'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_backslash' data-attr='&#92;'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_backslash_quote' data-attr='&#92;&#39;'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_backslash_backslash' data-attr='&#92;&#92;'/>" +
"<input type='hidden' id='attrbad_unicode' data-attr='&#x4e00;'/>"

t( "Underscores don't need escaping", "input[id=types_all]", ["types_all"] );

t( "input[type=text]", "#form input[type=text]", ["text1", "text2", "hidden2", "name"] );
t( "input[type=search]", "#form input[type=search]", ["search"] );

withScript = supportjQuery( "<div><span><script src=''/></span></div>" );
ok( withScript.find( "#moretests script[src]" ).has( "script" ), "script[src] (jQuery #13777)" );

div = document.getElementById("foo");
t( "Object.prototype property \"constructor\" (negative)", "[constructor]", [] );
t( "Gecko Object.prototype property \"watch\" (negative)", "[watch]", [] );
div.setAttribute( "constructor", "foo" );
div.setAttribute( "watch", "bar" );
t( "Object.prototype property \"constructor\"", "[constructor='foo']", ["foo"] );
t( "Gecko Object.prototype property \"watch\"", "[watch='bar']", ["foo"] );

t( "Value attribute is retrieved correctly", "input[value=Test]", ["text1", "text2"] );

// #12600
jQuery("<select value='12600'><option value='option' selected='selected'></option><option value=''></option></select>")

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