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@@ -17,13 +17,7 @@ What you need to build your own jQuery
In order to build jQuery, you need to have Node.js/npm latest and git 1.7 or later.
(Earlier versions might work OK, but are not tested.)

Windows users have two options:

1. Install [msysgit]( (Full installer for official Git) and a
[binary version of Node.js]( Make sure all two packages are installed to the same
location (by default, this is C:\Program Files\Git).
2. Install [Cygwin]( (make sure you install the git and which packages), and
a [binary version of Node.js](
For Windows you have to download and install [git]( and [Node.js](

Mac OS users should install [Homebrew]( Once Homebrew is installed, run `brew install git` to install git,
and `brew install node` to install Node.js.

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