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Massive FX rewrite. Full list of changes:

- You can now animate non-px values (em and %, for example)
- You can animate things things that previously broke (like font-size)
- You can now write fx plugins (to add in the ability to animate colors, for example)
- Advanced queueing controls were added (.queue(), .dequeue(), and {queue:false})
- Step was re-tooled to work with the new fx plugin scheme
- Added the ability to do relative animations
- Made it so that you can do simultaneous animations on a single element
- A complete refactoring of jQuery.fx, improving naming, and usability
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jeresig committed Sep 7, 2007
1 parent 3abf312 commit 902554a38da6c9e2d0c115bc189634d56f9b4d34
Showing with 218 additions and 166 deletions.
  1. +218 −166 src/fx/fx.js

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