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core: removed outdated docs target from makefile
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jzaefferer committed Jan 14, 2009
1 parent 263efad commit 9155d298ae8738ece29d4b2edfd32c578aebb27a
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 22 deletions.
@@ -128,28 +128,6 @@ runtest: ${JQ} test
@@echo "Test Suite Finished"

docs: ${JQ}
@@echo "Building Documentation"

@@echo " - Making Documentation Directory:" ${DOCS_DIR}
@@mkdir -p ${DOCS_DIR}
@@mkdir -p ${DOCS_DIR}/data

@@echo " - Copying over htaccess file."
@@cp -fR ${BUILD_DIR}/docs/.htaccess ${DOCS_DIR}

@@echo " - Copying over script files."
@@cp -fR ${BUILD_DIR}/docs/js ${DOCS_DIR}/js

@@echo " - Copying over style files."
@@cp -fR ${BUILD_DIR}/docs/style ${DOCS_DIR}/style

@@echo " - Extracting ScriptDoc from" ${JQ}
@@${JAR} ${BUILD_DIR}/docs/docs.js ${JQ} ${DOCS_DIR}

@@echo "Documentation Built"

speed: ${JQ}
@@echo "Building Speed Test Suite"

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