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Tweak live-blur() test to silence a IE8 swarm fail.
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dmethvin committed Oct 12, 2011
1 parent a18645c commit 92b06d302cc8e94d52e0c60c9167ec17606984f3
Showing 1 changed file with 8 additions and 9 deletions.
@@ -1497,15 +1497,14 @@ test(".live()/.die()", function() {
jQuery("#nothiddendiv div").die("click");

// div must have a tabindex to be focusable
jQuery("#nothiddendiv div").attr("tabindex", "0")[0].focus();

jQuery("#nothiddendiv div").live("blur", function(){
ok( true, "Live div trigger blur." );

jQuery("#nothiddendiv div").trigger("blur");

jQuery("#nothiddendiv div").die("blur");
jQuery("#nothiddendiv div")
.attr("tabindex", "0")
.live("blur", function(){
ok( true, "Live div trigger blur." );

test("die all bound events", function(){

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