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Docs: Remove the CLA checkbox in the pull request template
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The EasyCLA status check is required so this won't get missed. The old JSF CLA
is dead, the provided link doesn't return meaningful information. There's no
good replacement link for the old CLA; PR authors are just supposed to sign the
new CLA by clicking on a link posted by the EasyCLA bot when they submit their
first PR since EasyCLA was enabled for the repo.

Closes gh-4937

(cherry picked from commit e124893)
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mgol committed Oct 18, 2021
1 parent ba81326 commit 9340649
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Expand Up @@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ should start with an issue. Mention the issue number here.
Mark an `[x]` for completed items, if you're not sure leave them unchecked and we can assist.

* [ ] All authors have signed the CLA at
* [ ] New tests have been added to show the fix or feature works
* [ ] Grunt build and unit tests pass locally with these changes
* [ ] If needed, a docs issue/PR was created at
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