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Rework unit tests to check actual result elements.
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dmethvin committed Jan 20, 2011
1 parent c27d5ca commit 948c0dfffcf077ed71e4712b38a33d06ea63264c
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
@@ -441,12 +441,12 @@ test("add(String|Element|Array|undefined)", function() {
test("add(String, Context)", function() {

equals( jQuery("#firstp").add("#ap").length, 2, "Add selector to selector" );
equals( jQuery(document.getElementById("firstp")).add("#ap").length, 2, "Add gEBId to selector" );
equals( jQuery(document.getElementById("firstp")).add(document.getElementById("ap")).length, 2, "Add gEBId to gEBId" );
deepEqual( jQuery( "#firstp" ).add( "#ap" ).get(), q( "firstp", "ap" ), "Add selector to selector " );
deepEqual( jQuery( document.getElementById("firstp") ).add( "#ap" ).get(), q( "firstp", "ap" ), "Add gEBId to selector" );
deepEqual( jQuery( document.getElementById("firstp") ).add( document.getElementById("ap") ).get(), q( "firstp", "ap" ), "Add gEBId to gEBId" );

var ctx = document.getElementById("firstp");
equals( jQuery("#firstp").add("#ap", ctx).length, 1, "Add selector to selector with context" );
equals( jQuery(document.getElementById("firstp")).add("#ap", ctx).length, 1, "Add gEBId to selector with context" );
equals( jQuery(document.getElementById("firstp")).add(document.getElementById("ap"), ctx).length, 2, "Add gEBId to gEBId with context" );
deepEqual( jQuery( "#firstp" ).add( "#ap", ctx ).get(), q( "firstp" ), "Add selector to selector " );
deepEqual( jQuery( document.getElementById("firstp") ).add( "#ap", ctx ).get(), q( "firstp" ), "Add gEBId to selector, not in context" );
deepEqual( jQuery( document.getElementById("firstp") ).add( "#ap", document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0] ).get(), q( "firstp", "ap" ), "Add gEBId to selector, in context" );

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