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-How to build your own jQuery:
+What you need to build your own jQuery:
- Make sure that you have Java installed.
- - And some common UNIX commands (like 'make', 'mkdir', 'rm', 'cat', and 'echo')
+ If not, go to this page and download "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0"
+ - You now have two options for building jQuery, if you have access to
+ common UNIX commands (like 'make', 'mkdir', 'rm', 'cat', and 'echo')
+ then simply type 'make' to build all the components.
+ - The other option is if you have Ant installed (or are on Windows and
+ don't have access to make). You can download Ant from here:
+ If you do have Ant, everytime (in this README) that I say 'make', do
+ 'ant' instead - it works identically (for all intents and purposes).
+How to build your own jQuery:
In the main directory of the distribution (the one that this file is in), type
the following to make all versions of jQuery, the documentation, and the test suite:

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