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Backing out fb6c038, was causing jQuery.param tests to fail - unfixes…
… #7413.
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jeresig committed Dec 9, 2010
1 parent bc05cb9 commit b4bb6e11268c5f2fb26ddc3ff564d8656cf58f93
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@@ -532,12 +532,6 @@ jQuery.extend({

isEmptyObject: function( obj ) {

// Fixes #7413 Check to see if obj passes isPlainObject
if ( !jQuery.isPlainObject( obj ) ) {
return false;

for ( var name in obj ) {
return false;
@@ -848,20 +848,13 @@ test("jQuery.makeArray", function(){

test("jQuery.isEmptyObject", function(){

equals(true, jQuery.isEmptyObject({}), "isEmptyObject on empty object literal" );
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject({a:1}), "isEmptyObject on non-empty object literal" );
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject(1), "isEmptyObject on number (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject(0), "isEmptyObject on falsy number (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject("test"), "isEmptyObject on string (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject(""), "isEmptyObject on falsy string (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject([1,2,3]), "isEmptyObject on array (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject([]), "isEmptyObject on an empty array (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject(undefined), "isEmptyObject on undefined (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject(false), "isEmptyObject on undefined (wrong argument type)");
equals(false, jQuery.isEmptyObject(null), "isEmptyObject on null (wrong argument type)" );

// What about this ?
// equals(true, jQuery.isEmptyObject(null), "isEmptyObject on null" );

test("jQuery.proxy", function(){

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