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Added expressions for feature #69 (form element selectors), needs som…
…e documentation in the wiki when the next official release is out
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jzaefferer committed Sep 17, 2006
1 parent 826bb93 commit c12bce2
Showing 1 changed file with 19 additions and 2 deletions.
21 changes: 19 additions & 2 deletions src/jquery/jquery.js
Expand Up @@ -1531,11 +1531,23 @@ jQuery.extend({
visible: "a.type!='hidden'&&jQuery.css(a,'display')!='none'&&jQuery.css(a,'visibility')!='hidden'",
hidden: "a.type=='hidden'||jQuery.css(a,'display')=='none'||jQuery.css(a,'visibility')=='hidden'",

// Form elements
// Form attributes
enabled: "!a.disabled",
disabled: "a.disabled",
checked: "a.checked",
selected: "a.selected"
selected: "a.selected",

// Form elements
text: "a.type=='text'",
radio: "a.type=='radio'",
checkbox: "a.type=='checkbox'",
file: "a.type=='file'",
password: "a.type=='password'",
submit: "a.type=='submit'",
image: "a.type=='image'",
reset: "a.type=='reset'",
button: "a.type=='button'",
input: "a.nodeName.toLowerCase()=='input'||a.nodeName.toLowerCase()=='select'||a.nodeName.toLowerCase()=='textarea'"
".": "jQuery.className.has(a,m[2])",
"@": {
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -1662,6 +1674,11 @@ jQuery.extend({
* @test t( "All Children of ID", "#foo/*", ["sndp", "en", "sap"] );
* @test t( "All Children of ID with no children", "#firstUL/*", [] );
* @test t( "Form element :input", ":input", ["text1", "text2", "radio1", "radio2", "check1", "check2", "hidden1", "hidden2", "name", "area1", "select1", "select2", "select3"] );
* @test t( "Form element :radio", ":radio", ["radio1", "radio2"] );
* @test t( "Form element :checkbox", ":checkbox", ["check1", "check2"] );
* @test t( "Form element :text", ":text", ["text1", "text2", "hidden2", "name"] );
* @test t( ":not() Existing attribute", "input:not([@name])", ["text2", "check2"]);
* @test t( ":not() Equals attribute", "select:not([@name=select1])", ["select2", "select3"]);
* @test t( ":not() Equals quoted attribute", "select:not([@name='select1'])", ["select2", "select3"]);
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