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IE9's support for SVG elements unfortunately does not extend to clear…
…Attributes. Checks for its presence before proceeding.
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timmywil committed Apr 14, 2011
1 parent 149a040 commit ca5bc202ac37a8e3d5787b24ea3fdc229143802c
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@@ -388,11 +388,15 @@ function cloneFixAttributes( src, dest ) {

// clearAttributes removes the attributes, which we don't want,
// but also removes the attachEvent events, which we *do* want

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dmethvin Apr 14, 2011


Should IE9 be in cloneFixAttributes? It's not using attachEvent except perhaps in special events, and there is already an open ticket for event problems caused by cloning special events. I suspect it got here due to noCloneChecked, unless the support.js rewrite introduced a bug.

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timmywil Apr 14, 2011


It was called on element creation.
cacheable is true there so it returns a cloned fragment. Unfortunately, clearAttributes is not on the SVGElement prototype in IE9 and throws an exception.

if ( dest.clearAttributes ) {

// mergeAttributes, in contrast, only merges back on the
// original attributes, not the events
if ( dest.mergeAttributes ) {
dest.mergeAttributes( src );

// IE6-8 fail to clone children inside object elements that use
// the proprietary classid attribute value (rather than the type
@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ test("attr(String, Object)", function() {
equals( "button", button.attr("type"), "Verify that you can't change the type of a button element" );

// Setting attributes on svg elements (bug #3116)
var $svg = jQuery("<svg xmlns='' xmlns:xlink='' version='1.1' baseProfile='full' width='3000' height='3000'>"
var $svg = jQuery("<svg xmlns='' xmlns:xlink='' version='1.1' baseProfile='full' width='200' height='200'>"
+ "<circle cx='200' cy='200' r='150' />"
+ "</svg>").appendTo("body");
equals( $svg.attr("cx", 100).attr("cx"), "100", "Set attribute on svg element" );

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