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Test: Remove fixtures from QUnit.done hook. Close gh-1069.
This fixes jquery/testswarm#197. These are currently removed from
the TestSwarm injector, however this is jQuery specific, and
should be done from this end instead.
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Krinkle authored and dmethvin committed Dec 11, 2012
1 parent 3c7f2af commit cef044d
Showing 1 changed file with 5 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -316,6 +316,11 @@ var Globals = (function() {

QUnit.done(function() {
// Remove out own fixtures outside #qunit-fixture
jQuery( "#nothiddendiv, #loadediframe, #dl" ).remove();

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gibson042 Dec 11, 2012


Can you describe what's going on here? It's not removing all of our elements (see test/index.html), but it is hitting most of them. Should we make this jQuery("#qunit ~ *").remove()?

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Krinkle Dec 11, 2012

Author Member

These are the ones we currently hardcode in TestSwarm itself. After QUnit is done, TestSwarm's client script removes these elements before making a snapshot of the DOM to push to the results object in TestSwarm for this run.

I moved that logic to here, to then remove that logic from TestSwarm. Feel free to update it (until it recently even #main was still listed here, from the-ages-ago-version of QUnit). For example, #nothiddendiv is now in #qunit-fixture and no longer needs to be explicitly cleaned up.

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dmethvin Dec 11, 2012


In that case it sounds like we probably should use jQuery("#qunit ~ *").remove() although as long as the elements are hidden it probably doesn't make a difference.


// jQuery-specific QUnit.reset
QUnit.reset = function() {

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