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Merge branch '2.0-manipulation' of
* '2.0-manipulation' of (51 commits)
  Rename fixCloneNodeIssues helper to fixInput Move support comment
  Add tests for th element
  Add empty line
  Add more tests for wrapMap
  Add test for td append
  wrapMap.col =
  wrapMap.thead = Add support comments
  Rewrite tests for colgroup, caption Add tests for thead, tbody, tfoot
  Remove fix for #11280
  Remove fieldset from wrapMap
  Add comments for optgroup and option elements in wrapMap Add tests for optgroup element
  Remove fix for #4484, add more tests
  Use tabs instead of spaces
  Simplify getAll helper
  Simplify check for non-Elements
  Remove fix for object element
  Save 43 bytes
  Use common loop iteration idiom
  Remove fix for #9587
  Use correct comments
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rwaldron committed Dec 31, 2012
2 parents a205aac + 39e6792 commit dc93f8c
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