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Don't let the release notes script truncate!
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dmethvin committed Aug 10, 2012
1 parent 81bf633 commit e41553950debb135eaea303dc82f2dc5e19056be
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  1. +4 −4 build/release-notes.js
@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@ var fs = require("fs"),
extract = /<a href="\/ticket\/(\d+)" title="View ticket">(.*?)<[^"]+"component">\s*(\S+)/g;

var opts = {
version: "1.7.2rc1",
short_version: "1.7.2rc1",
final_version: "1.7.2",
version: "1.8",
short_version: "1.8",
final_version: "1.8",
categories: []

host: "",
port: 80,
method: "GET",
path: "/query?status=closed&resolution=fixed&component=!web&order=component&milestone=" + opts.final_version
path: "/query?status=closed&resolution=fixed&max=400&component=!web&order=component&milestone=" + opts.final_version
}, function (res) {
var data = [];

2 comments on commit e415539


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@mikesherov mikesherov replied Aug 10, 2012

We fixed so many bugs, trac couldn't show it on a single page by default? Awesome.


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@dmethvin dmethvin replied Aug 10, 2012

Yeah, i was wondering how big to make that number and decided that if we only have about 150 bugs now that 400 was safe. Plus, all the release scripts need work, I really want to move them to grunt.

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