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Fixed ant build to be more consistent with Makefile. Now has all same…
… targets (see and

 * generates an identical jquery.js to that of make
 * generates a min file
 * runs jslint.
 * cleans more thoroughly
 * can be passed a PREFIX property
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rdworth authored and jeresig committed Jul 21, 2010
1 parent bb0f1a9 commit ef9fb80
Showing 1 changed file with 34 additions and 16 deletions.
50 changes: 34 additions & 16 deletions build.xml
@@ -1,45 +1,54 @@
<project name="jQuery" default="jquery" basedir=".">
<project name="jQuery" default="all" basedir=".">

<loadfile property="version" srcfile="version.txt" />
<property description="Folder for jquery and min target" name="dist" value="./dist" />
<property name="PREFIX" value="." />
<property description="Folder for jquery and min target" name="dist" value="${PREFIX}/dist" />

<property name="JQ" value="${dist}/jquery.js" />
<property name="JQ_MIN" value="${dist}/jquery.min.js" />

<loadfile property="sizzle-exports" srcfile="src/sizzle-jquery.js" />

<available property="qunit" file="test/qunit" />
<available property="sizzle" file="src/sizzle" />

<target name="all" depends="jquery,lint,min" />

<target name="qunit-clone" unless="qunit">
<exec executable="git" outputproperty="git-qunit" >
<arg line="clone git:// test/qunit"/>
<arg line="clone git:// test/qunit" />
<echo message="git clone qunit: ${git-qunit}" />
<target name="qunit-pull" if="qunit">
<exec executable="git" outputproperty="git-qunit" dir="test/qunit" >
<arg line="pull origin master"/>
<arg line="pull origin master" />
<echo message="git pull sizzle: ${git-qunit}" />
<target name="sizzle-clone" unless="sizzle">
<exec executable="git" outputproperty="git-sizzle" >
<arg line="clone git:// src/sizzle"/>
<arg line="clone git:// src/sizzle" />
<echo message="git clone sizzle: ${git-sizzle}" />
<target name="sizzle-pull" if="sizzle">
<exec executable="git" outputproperty="git-sizzle" dir="src/sizzle" >
<arg line="pull origin master"/>
<arg line="pull origin master" />
<echo message="git pull sizzle: ${git-sizzle}" />

<target name="jquery" depends="qunit-clone,qunit-pull,sizzle-clone,sizzle-pull" description="Main jquery build, concatenates source files and replaces @VERSION">
<echo message="Building ${JQ}" />
<target name="init" depends="qunit-clone,qunit-pull,sizzle-clone,sizzle-pull" />

<target name="selector" depends="init" description="Builds the selector library for jQuery from Sizzle.">
<copy file="src/sizzle/sizzle.js" tofile="src/selector.js" overwrite="true" />
<replaceregexp match="// EXPOSE" replace="${sizzle-exports}" file="src/selector.js" />
<replaceregexp match="// EXPOSE(.*)&#10;" replace="// EXPOSE\1&#10;${sizzle-exports}" file="src/selector.js" />
<replaceregexp match="window.Sizzle(.*)&#10;" replace="" file="src/selector.js" />

<target name="jquery" depends="init,selector" description="Main jquery build, concatenates source files and replaces @VERSION">
<echo message="Building ${JQ}" />
<mkdir dir="${dist}" />
<concat destfile="${JQ}">
<fileset file="src/intro.js" />
Expand All @@ -61,12 +70,18 @@
<replaceregexp match="@VERSION" replace="${version}" flags="g" byline="true" file="${JQ}" />
<exec executable="git" outputproperty="date">
<arg line="log -1 --pretty=format:%ad"/>
<arg line="log -1 --pretty=format:%ad" />
<replaceregexp match="Date: " replace="Date: ${date}" file="${JQ}" />
<echo message="${JQ} built." />

<target name="lint" depends="jquery" description="Check jQuery against JSLint">
<exec executable="java">
<arg line="-jar build/js.jar build/jslint-check.js" />

<target name="min" depends="jquery" description="Remove all comments and whitespace, no compression, great in combination with GZip">
<echo message="Building ${JQ_MIN}" />
<apply executable="java" parallel="false" verbose="true" dest="${dist}">
Expand All @@ -83,25 +98,28 @@
<mapper type="glob" from="jquery.js" to="tmpmin" />
<concat destfile="${JQ_MIN}">
<filelist files="${JQ}, dist/tmpmin"/>
<filelist files="${JQ}, ${dist}/tmpmin" />
<headfilter lines="15"/>
<headfilter lines="15" />
<concat destfile="${JQ_MIN}" append="yes">
<filelist files="dist/tmpmin"/>
<filelist files="${dist}/tmpmin" />
<delete file="dist/tmpmin"/>
<delete file="${dist}/tmpmin" />
<echo message="${JQ_MIN} built." />

<target name="clean">
<delete dir="${dist}" />
<delete file="src/selector.js" />
<delete dir="test/qunit" />
<delete dir="src/sizzle" />

<target name="openAjaxMetadata">
<property name="target" value="openAjaxMetadata-jquery-${version}.xml" />
<delete file="dist/jquery-*.xml" />
<delete file="${dist}/jquery-*.xml" />
<get src="" dest="${target}" />
<xslt includes="${target}" excludes="build.xml" destdir="./dist" style="build/style.xsl" extension=".xml" />
<delete file="${target}" />
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