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Improved jquery target to allow inclusion of plugins directly (specif…
…y via the PLUGINS property), making a merge build easier; min/pack work, lite/docs/test ignores content of plugins files
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jzaefferer committed Sep 23, 2006
1 parent 327bfb8 commit f71726142bfbe20aa6881110759390f5a38183f4
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 26 deletions.
@@ -6,8 +6,9 @@
<property name="BUILD_DIR" value="build" />
<property name="JAR" value="${BUILD_DIR}/js.jar" />

<property name="PLUGIN_DIR" location="../plugins" />

<property name="PLUGIN_DIR" location="../plugins" />
<property name="PLUGINS" value="" />

<property name="PREFIX" value="." />
<property name="DOCS_DIR" value="${PREFIX}/docs" />
<property name="TEST_DIR" value="${PREFIX}/test" />
@@ -17,7 +18,6 @@
<property name="JQ_LITE" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.lite.js" />
<property name="JQ_MIN" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.min.js" />
<property name="JQ_PACK" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.pack.js" />
<property name="JQ_TEMP" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.js.tmp" />

<!-- MAIN -->

@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="event/*.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="fx/*.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="ajax/*.js" />
<fileset dir="${PLUGIN_DIR}" includes="${PLUGINS}" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="outro.js" />
<echo message="${JQ} built." />
@@ -117,33 +118,15 @@
<!-- PLUGINS -->

<target name="ifx" description="Build jquery with Interface fx plugins">
<antcall target="plugin">
<param name="plugins" value="interface/ifx*.js" />
<antcall target="jquery">
<param name="PLUGINS" value="interface/ifx*.js" />

<target name="plugindocs" description="Build documentation for a set of plugins - Not working, yet">
<antcall target="raw">
<param name="plugins" value="center/*.js, cookie/*.js, form/*.js" />
<target name="cookieFormPager" description="Build jquery with cookie, form and pager plugins">
<antcall target="jquery">
<param name="PLUGINS" value="cookie/*.js,form/*.js,pager/*.js" />
<antcall target="docs" />

<target name="raw" description="Build a set of plugins, without jquery itself">
<concat destfile="${JQ}">
<fileset dir="${PLUGIN_DIR}" includes="${plugins}" />
<echo message="${plugins} built." />

<target name="plugin" depends="jquery" description="Build jquery with a given set of plugins, see ifx target for an example">
<copy tofile="${JQ_TEMP}" file="${JQ}"/>
<concat destfile="${JQ}">
<fileset file="${JQ_TEMP}" />
<fileset dir="${PLUGIN_DIR}" includes="${plugins}" />
<delete file="${JQ_TEMP}" />
<echo message="${JQ} with ${plugins} built." />


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