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Added a README file to help explain the new build process.

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+jQuery - New Wave Javascript
+How to build your own jQuery:
+ - Make sure that you have Java installed.
+ - And some common UNIX commands (like 'make', 'mkdir', 'rm', 'cat', and 'echo')
+In the main directory of the distribution (the one that this file is in), type
+the following to make all versions of jQuery, the documentation, and the test suite:
+ make
+Here are each of the individual items that are buildable from the Makefile.
+make jquery
+ The standard, uncompressed, jQuery code.
+ Makes: ./dist/jquery.js
+make lite
+ jQuery without all the additional inline documentation and test cases.
+ Makes: ./dist/jquery.lite.js
+make pack
+ A compressed version of jQuery (made with Packer).
+ Makes: ./dist/jquery.pack.js
+make docs
+ Builds a complete copy of the documentation, based upon the jQuery source.
+ Makes ./docs/
+ Open this file in your browser:
+ ./docs/index.xml
+make test
+ Builds a complete copy of the test suite, based upon the jQuery source.
+ Makes ./test/
+ Open this file in your browser:
+ ./test/index.html
+Finally, you can remove all the built files using the command:
+ make clean
+Additionally, if you want to install jQuery to a location that is not this
+directory, you can specify the PREFIX directory, for example:
+ make PREFIX=/home/john/test/
+ make PREFIX=~/www/ docs
+If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them on the jQuery
+mailing list, which can be found here:
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