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CSS: Don't workaround the IE 11 iframe-in-fullscreen sizing issues

IE 11 used to have an issue where if an element inside an iframe was put
in fullscreen mode, the element dimensions started being 100 times too small;
we've added a workaround that would multiply them by 100. However, the IE 11
issue has been unexpectedly fixed and since our detection was really detecting
the browser and not a bug, we've started breaking the browser instead of fixing

Since there's no good way to detect if the bug exists, we have to back the
workaround out completely.

Fixes gh-3041
Refs gh-1764
Refs gh-2401
Refs 90d828b
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mgol committed Apr 26, 2016
1 parent f496182 commit ff1a0822f72d2b39fac691dfcceab6ede5623b90
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@@ -128,13 +128,6 @@ function getWidthOrHeight( elem, name, extra ) {
val = elem.getBoundingClientRect()[ name ];
// Support: IE 11 only
// In IE 11 fullscreen elements inside of an iframe have
// 100x too small dimensions (gh-1764).
if ( document.msFullscreenElement && !== window ) {
val *= 100;
// Some non-html elements return undefined for offsetWidth, so check for null/undefined
// svg -
// MathML -

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