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Commits on Jan 9, 2011
  1. @csnover

    Update unit tests with a leak detection mechanism for the various jQu…

    csnover authored
    …ery globals and fix all leaks in the tests.
Commits on Dec 13, 2010
  1. @csnover
Commits on Oct 5, 2010
  1. @csnover

    IE6 will shrink-wrap elements with layout instead of allowing content…

    csnover authored
    … to flow outside of the border-box. Add a test for this and do not remove the overflow property after an animation in IE6.
  2. @csnover

    Update $.fn.animate to change display mode only when necessary (inlin…

    csnover authored
    …e, non-floated elements), and to use a more proper display mode for those elements. Fixes #2185.
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