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Commits on Sep 14, 2015
  1. @anthonyryan1 @mzgol

    Manipulation: Don't provide the parser with sloppy table markup

    anthonyryan1 authored mzgol committed
    While we can reply on parsers that were designed to cope with
    malformed syntax to understand what we mean, we shouldn't
    intentionally provide bad markup, not all parsers will accept
    "Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept
    from others."
    Reverts 0ea342a
    Refs gh-2031
    Refs gh-2002
    Fixes gh-2493
    Closes gh-2499
  2. @jbedard @mzgol

    Data: Combine register and cache methods

    jbedard authored mzgol committed
    Closes gh-2553
  3. @mzgol

    Ajax:Attributes:CSS:Manipulation: Reduce Android 2.3 support

    mzgol authored
    Drop non-critical workarounds for Android 2.3.
    Fixes gh-2483
    Fixes gh-2505
    Closes gh-2581
  4. @mzgol

    Tests: Account for Edge in originalEvent UA-sniffs

    mzgol authored
    All other cases where Edge user agent needed to be taken into account
    in tests have already been resolved.
    Fixes gh-2357
Commits on Sep 11, 2015
  1. @mzgol

    Build: Remove a double empty line at the end of .travis.yml

    mzgol authored
    The file already had an empty line at the end, I just can't see.
    Refs 06320c8
  2. @mzgol

    Build: Use double quotes in .travis.yml

    mzgol authored
    .travis.yml used single quotes which is inconsistent with what we use in most
    other files. Also, the file was missing an empty line at the end.
Commits on Sep 8, 2015
  1. @mzgol

    Build: Drop io.js testing, test on latest Node.js

    mzgol authored
    Node.js & io.js have merged, there will be no more major io.js releases.
    Also, as of today io.js is officially unsupported (even if it still gets some
    updates) while Node.js 4.0.0 (just released!) will be supported until 2018.
  2. @gibson042
  3. @jbedard @mzgol

    Data: avoid using delete on DOM nodes

    jbedard authored mzgol committed
    Closes gh-2479
  4. @SeanHenderson @mzgol

    Manipulation: Switch rnoInnerhtml to a version more performant in IE

    SeanHenderson authored mzgol committed
    IE versions greater than 9 do not handle the old regular expression well
    with large html content. This is due to the use of a non-capturing group
    after a very common html character (<).
    Test suite:
    Microsoft bug:
    Fixes gh-2563
    Closes gh-2574
  5. @mzgol

    Tests: Really fix tests in IE 8 this time

    mzgol authored
    IE 8 doesn't have indexOf on arrays. Also, one toLowerCase() was missing. Oops.
    This commit is not necessary on master but has been brought here to keep
    tests similar in both branches.
    (cherry-picked from 1b48eef)
  6. @mzgol

    Tests: Make basic tests work in IE 8

    mzgol authored
    IE 8 prints tag names in upper case which was breaking some tests.
    This commit is not necessary on master but has been brought here to keep
    tests similar in both branches.
  7. @mzgol

    Tests: Don't load non-basic tests when basic module is selected

    mzgol authored
    When loading basic tests don't load any others to not overload Android 2.3.
    The drawback is that most tests are not selectable in the module dropdown
    when the basic module is seelcted.
    Refs 2c7e9c9
  8. @mzgol

    Tests: Add simple tests for Android 2.3

    mzgol authored
    Fixes gh-2505
    Closes gh-2509
    Refs gh-2483
  9. @mzgol

    Build: Don't install jsdom 3 on Node.js 0.10 & 0.12 by default

    mzgol authored
    jsdom 3 requires Python & Visual Studio on Windows which is a significant
    barrier to contributors. Newer jsdom versions don't require pre-compiling
    but work only on io.js. This commit installs the new jsdom everywhere (it
    does install in old Node.js, it just won't work) and executes Node-related
    tests only on newer Nodes or if a working jsdom version is installed. The
    latter can be achieved by running the `old_jsdom` task.
    Node.js is merging with io.js soon so this will become a smaller problem over
    One drawback is our Jenkins setup runs on Node 0.10 so it won't be running
    Node tests anymore. We have Travis set up on io.js, though so all PRs
    have those tests run. When the new LTS Node.js arrives (as it soon merges
    with io.js) we should update our Jenkins infrastructure so that it runs on this
    new version.
    Fixes gh-2519
    Closes gh-2526
  10. @mzgol

    Traversing: Don't expose jQuery.dir & jQuery.sibling

    mzgol authored
    jQuery.dir & jQuery.sibling are undocumented internal APIs; they shouldn't
    be exposed.
    Fixes gh-2512
    Closes gh-2525
  11. @markelog
  12. @markelog

    Tests: further improvements QUnit 2.0 migration

    markelog authored
    * Remove QUnit jshint globals
    * Extend QUnit.assert methods
    * Use assert.async instead of start/stop/done
    Ref b930d14
  13. @Mr21 @mzgol

    Effects: Finish should call progress

    Mr21 authored mzgol committed
    Fixes gh-2283
    Closes gh-2292
  14. @mixed @mzgol

    Core: Remove unnecessary parameter to jQuery#constructor

    mixed authored mzgol committed
    Closes gh-2441
  15. @batiste @mzgol

    Build: Fix an email address of a contributor

    batiste authored mzgol committed
    Closes gh-2455
Commits on Sep 7, 2015
  1. @jbedard @mzgol

    Data: do not create data cache when fetching single property

    jbedard authored mzgol committed
    Closes gh-2554
  2. @markelog

    Build: put back "lint" command to the "dev" list

    markelog authored
    Also fix lint error in `data` module.
    It seems this command was removed from the list during merge
  3. @jbedard @mzgol

    Data: Don't expose jQuery.acceptData

    jbedard authored mzgol committed
    jQuery.acceptData is an undocumented internal API that shouldn't be exposed.
    Fixes gh-2555
  4. @mzgol

    Tests: lower the PHP sleep time in unreleasedXHR.html

    mzgol authored
    The AJAX test performed in unreleasedXHR.html was scheduling PHP processes
    sleeping for 10 minutes. When a lot of commits are tested in short intervals
    this was causing build failures due to the drained php-fpm pool.
    The 10 seconds sleep time should be enough for this test.
    Refs 62acda8
  5. @mzgol

    Serialize: Fix object detection

    mzgol authored
    jQuery.type doesn't just return "null" for null but also e.g. "array"
    for arrays instead of object so it's not really a typeof analogue.
    My suggestion was stupid. Sorry.
    Refs 3d7ce0a
  6. @DanielNill @mzgol

    Serialize: Handle arrays with null values

    DanielNill authored mzgol committed
    Closes gh-2436
  7. @reedloden @mzgol

    Build: Update grunt-contrib-uglify because of a security issue in uglify

    reedloden authored mzgol committed
    Update grunt-contrib-uglify dependency to v0.9.2 in order to
    avoid a security issue fixed in uglify-js v2.4.24.
    Closes gh-2556
  8. @Mr21 @mzgol

    Effects: Remove additional parameters of easings

    Mr21 authored mzgol committed
    Fixes gh-2367
    Closes gh-2376
  9. @markelog
  10. @markelog
  11. @markelog

    Build: correct jscs paths

    markelog authored
  12. @markelog
Commits on Aug 16, 2015
  1. @markelog
  2. @markelog

    Tests: partially use new qunit interface

    markelog authored
    For most of the boring work was used package
    However, it can't update local qunit helpers, plus in some places
    old QUnit.asyncTest signature is still used
    Fixes gh-2540
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