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base fork: jquery/jquery
base: 1.4.3rc1
head fork: jquery/jquery
compare: 1.4.3
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Commits on Oct 11, 2010
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.4.3. 71a5826
@jeresig jeresig Fix broken min file header generation. 2c04035
@jeresig jeresig Make sure closest works on disconnected DOM nodes. Fixes #7142. 385ca2a
@ryantenney ryantenney Removed trailing \x0A from version.txt which caused a problem with th…
…e build (at least in `ant`)
lrbabe Make $.fn.animate compatible with jQuery.cssHooks aa9e4db
@scottgonzalez scottgonzalez Fixed getting styles from disconnected nodes. Fixes #7148. 22ccbf8
@csnover csnover Fix olddisplay was inappropriately set when calling hide on an alread…
…y hidden element. Fixes #7141.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug7141' of into csnov…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'animateHooks' of into l…
@jeresig jeresig Added some more tests relating to attaching data to a window. 1dee0d2
@jeresig jeresig Add some resize event tests. c00a6ff
@jeresig jeresig Handle some edge cases with binding events to the window object (whic…
…h is also a plain object - causing some confusion). Fixes #7143.
@jeresig jeresig The world isn't ready for moving the Ajax methods to jQuery.ajax.*. H…
…ope to move them there some day. Fixes #7146.
Commits on Oct 12, 2010
@csnover csnover Use a key name less likely to result in collisions for events on plai…
…n JS objects. Fixes bug #7150.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that .find() with multiple direct child selectors is handle…
…d correctly. Fixes #7144.
@jeresig jeresig The child selector-prefix branch doesn't work with selectors that hav…
…e a larger depth. Removing for now - will need to re-evaluate in the future.
@jeresig jeresig Forgot to remove the child selector in the previous commit. 478fa8f
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.4.3rc2 release. b85f867
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.4.3rc2 release. 3e5520f
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.4.3pre. 9ced9f2
@csnover csnover Fix patch for #7150, which was not deleting the events object properl…
…y on plain JS objects. Thanks to jitter for catching it.
Commits on Oct 13, 2010
@jeresig jeresig Fix some gaps in the handling of event data properties. Thanks to @ji…
…tter in ff6cead for the catches.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug7150' of 2ef8da0
@jeresig jeresig Fix broken Ajax test after recent revert to jQuery.ajax namespace. ec462a3
@jeresig jeresig IE 9 preserves the case of the Alpha filter - maintain it in the test…
… as well.
@jeresig jeresig Test CSS test on font size instead of padding. 73e4ef2
@jeresig jeresig We want to make sure that we only run the MSIE-specific filter tests …
…if opacity is explicitly not supported.
Pinhook Handle issue with two concurrent JSONP requests that use the same cal…
…lback name.
@justinbmeyer justinbmeyer Make sure that focusin/focusout bubbles in non-IE browsers. 88068f8
@justinbmeyer justinbmeyer beforedeactivate will fire before focusout - use that to our advantag…
…e when working with the change event.
@jeresig jeresig Change font size to 15px in the test to fix a false negative. Thanks @…
…jitter for the catch in 73e4ef2.
Commits on Oct 14, 2010
@jeresig jeresig Oops, still have jQuery.ajax.* on the brain. d490bcf
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that we don't attempt to handle scrolling when the node is …
…disconnected from the document. Fixes #7190.
@jeresig jeresig Updating the copy of Google Closure Compiler. ae772e7
@jeresig jeresig Forgot to update the Rakefile and build.xml files from the previous c…
…ommit. Thanks to @jitter for the catch.
Commits on Oct 15, 2010
@jeresig jeresig Reverting commit 39addc8 after a report of problems. Fixes #7196. 80a4178
@jeresig jeresig Getting weird results for font size tests across platforms - easier t…
…o test something else (the exact property isn't important for this test).
@jeresig jeresig Test visible on inline elements. f009fb2
@jeresig jeresig Use prepend for the focuin test (to avoid making the test suite jump). 2d5f866
@jeresig jeresig Don't test inline-block in browsers that don't support it (or an appr…
…oximation of it, like IE).
@jeresig jeresig Testing *, * was unnecessary - especially in slower browsers. 21d389c
@jeresig jeresig Fix the number of change tests and remove textarea tests. 0564553
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.4.3 release. 2d20187
@timmywil timmywil Include distribution in release tag 07458ab
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