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Commits on Jan 09, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Simplified cross-domain detection tests. 7bc5386
@jaubourg jaubourg Make it so prefilters get access to the original settings. 0f28835
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #5803. Reworked jsonp prefilter so that it sets the dataType as…
… jsonp and recognizes requests with originalSettings having jsonp or jsonpCallback to be jsonp. Moved default jsonp option value into ajaxSettings. Attached the transport to "jsonp" which avoids unnecessary testing. Transport factory sets dataType back to json for proper data conversion.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #5812. =? will be detected even when it has been escaped during…
… data serialization.
@jaubourg jaubourg Moved unload abort code so that the event is only bound if the xhr tr…
…ansport is used. Fixes #5280.
@csnover csnover Change the way works so that there is no longer a chance …
…of collision between user data and internal data. Fixes #6968.
@csnover csnover Fix domManip leaks the first element when appending elements to multi…
…ple other elements.
@csnover csnover Fix jQuery.queue leaks empty queues. 80af46e
@csnover csnover Update unit tests with a leak detection mechanism for the various jQu…
…ery globals and fix all leaks in the tests.
@dmethvin dmethvin Change embedded regexp to a variable (for #6876). 4e86766
@dmethvin dmethvin Ensure that the DOM element ref in an event handler is removed by cle…
…anData to avoid an IE6/7/8 memory leak. Fixes #7054.
@csnover csnover Revert fb44450 which is no longer necessary with the release of Opera…
… 11. Fixes #7608.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes a race condition in JSONP Local test. 84319aa
Commits on Jan 10, 2011
@csnover csnover Ensure that buildFragment clones elements properly in all browsers. F…
…ixes #3879, #6655. Also improves form element clone tests and fixes bugs in $.fn.clone exposed by these new test cases related to the values of checkboxes and radio buttons in IE.
@csnover csnover Merge branch 'master' of into jquery-master c5c1f18
@rwaldron rwaldron whitespace fixes in unit tests 9bd9d27
Commits on Jan 11, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes 4825. jQuery.fn.load: use the jXHR's Promise interface to get t…
…he actual response in case ajaxSettings contains a dataFilter. Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #6230. Added a unit test to control that, since the ajax rewrit…
…e, setting the Accept header actually replaced the previous value and didn't append to it (tested in Safari 4.0.4 for which the problem was specifically reported).
@jaubourg jaubourg Yet another missing semicolon! f83cdc3
Commits on Jan 12, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #4897. Added ?? as a context-insensitive placeholder for the ca…
…llback name of a JSONP request. Unit tests provided.
@jaubourg jaubourg AjaxSetup now uses deep extend internally to accomodate map structure…
…d options.
@jaubourg jaubourg Script transport now uses ajaxSetup to define script dataType. e221d39
@jaubourg jaubourg Gets rid of a var statement by moving variable declarations up. e9fb7d5
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes a regression by calling dataFilter with the second argument set…
… as the dataType.
Commits on Jan 13, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Removes unnecessary variables and adds much needed comments into the …
…data conversion logic in ajax.
@jaubourg jaubourg Cleans up statusText handling and simplifies 304 notmodified logic. b07d43c
@jaubourg jaubourg Reworked script and xhr abort logic to take advantage of the fact jXH…
…R.abort will complete the request itself if not done already.
@jaubourg jaubourg Removed xhr pooling since failing cross-domain requests leaves the xh…
…r object in an undefined state in Firefox. Also rewrote comments related to the active xhr list so that they make sense.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #4964. Adds a statusCode object together with a new statusCode …
…method on the jXHR object (deferred behaviour). They accept a map of statusCode/callback(s). Callbacks are fired when the status code of the response correponds to the key (as a success or an error callback depending on how the request completed). Unit tests added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Moved jQuery.ajax.prefilter and jQuery.ajax.transport to jQuery.ajaxP…
…refilter and jQuery.ajaxTransport so that proxying the ajax method doesn't turn into a nightmare. Thanks go to scott_gonzalez and DaveMethvin for pointing out the issue. Also made ajaxSetup return "this" to enable chainable definitions -- jQuery.ajaxSetup(...).ajaxPrefilter(...).ajaxTransport(...).
scottjehl Merge branch 'master' of 610ab13
scottjehl set name to lowercase, since it's passed as initial caps 73d060b
Commits on Jan 14, 2011
@scottgonzalez scottgonzalez Avoid running jQuery.unique() for methods that are guaranteed to prod…
…uce a unique result set. Fixes #7964 - Some traversal methods perform an unnecessary uniqueness check.
@deadlyicon deadlyicon added jQuery.subclass d483ce0
@wycats wycats Overwrite CRLF with LF 3716f2d
@wycats wycats Fix a failing subclass test due to a change in master fa45f25
@wycats wycats Fix a strange Chrome issue 52a0238
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of a7ab491
@wycats wycats So embarrassing :( f4add19
@jeresig jeresig Revert "Revert fb44450 which is no longer necessary with the release …
…of Opera 11. Fixes #7608." We will be continuing to support Opera 10.6 in jQuery 1.5.

This reverts commit 012f0c3.
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.5b1 release. bcdd4f8
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.5pre. d9cb698
Commits on Jan 15, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Update test case to feature-detect Opera's lack of defaultPrevented a…
…nd skip the test for it.
Commits on Jan 16, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #2994. Not finding a transport now fires the error callbacks an…
…d doesn't make ajax return false. Had to revise how jsonp and script prefilters & transports work (better separation of concerns). Also took the opportunity to revise jXHR getRequestHeader and abort methods and enabled early transport garbage collection when the request completes.
@jaubourg jaubourg Removed internal dataTypes option and added headers & crossDomain opt…
…ions into commented out options of ajaxSettings.
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes it so a prefilter can change the type of a request. 914aa3d
@jaubourg jaubourg The script prefilter now forces cross-domain requests type to GET. f74b844
@jaubourg jaubourg Setting the jsonp option to false now inhibits any url manipulation r…
…egarding the callback.
@jaubourg jaubourg Revised jsonp unit tests and added a test for when the jsonp option i…
…s set to false.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixed the ajax test regarding the jsonp option set to false and added…
… a test to control the prefilter actually does not tamper with the url.
@jaubourg jaubourg Implements joined jQuery.when statements. Makes it so calling jQuery.…
…when with no parameter returns a resolved promise. Ensures promise method on promises supports the promise(obj) signature. Ensures a deferred and its promise always return the same promise (itself for the promise). Unit tests provided.
@jaubourg jaubourg Put the split to get the list of promise methods out of the promise m…
…ethod itself and also switched from jQuery.each to a while loop to remove as much overhead as possible. Thanks go to scott_gonzalez for reminding me of this.
Commits on Jan 17, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Added unit tests to check and demonstrate new jQuery.Deferred() works. ac2e731
@jeresig jeresig Merging pull request 183 for #7793. 987c44b
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '7608' of into rwldrn-7608 f01ef93
@ajpiano ajpiano Add a comment to explain (and enforce the temporary-ness of) an extra…
… line of code added to workaround a Chrome 10 bug
@csnover csnover Introduce a temporary hack to allow"events") to conti…
…nue to work. This will be going away in 1.6. More information will be available in the 1.5 release notes.
Brandon Sterne Defer scriptEval test until first use to prevent Content Security Pol…
…icy inline-script violations from occuring. Fixes #7371.
@csnover csnover Merge in data_nocollide branch. Fixes #6968, improves unit testing fr…
…amework checks for leaky stuff.
@csnover csnover Merge branch 'master' of into jquery-master 0cbe4cb
@ajpiano ajpiano Add link to chrome issue ticket 4058881
@ajpiano ajpiano shorten the SHA 78be517
@ajpiano ajpiano Fix tabs vs spaces in initial workaround commit d9660e1
@jeresig jeresig Fixed a couple issues with escaping of attribute values in selectors.…
… Fixes #6093.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of 733eb5e
@jeresig jeresig Opera was falling back to undefined, which it didn't appreciate. 3ab7b72
@jeresig jeresig Accidentally removed the module teardown code. e01e8d4
@jeresig jeresig Disabled a broken test for now, until WebKit browsers become more cur…
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
@csnover csnover Replace build system with a faster new one that uses Node and UglifyJ…
…S and generates smaller minified files. Also removes builds through rake/ant since having 3 different build systems was too much to maintain (make was the only one consistently kept up-to-date). Fixes #7973.
@rwaldron rwaldron Update unit test for #7608 which was leaking timers. 35aeac1
@csnover csnover Update Makefile to use either nodejs or node, whichever exists (Debia…
…n uses nodejs).
@csnover csnover Clarify cygwin instructions slightly and swap the order of arguments …
…to which in Makefile because of a bug in current versions of MSYS that causes only the first argument to /bin/which to be searched.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into r…
@jeresig jeresig Add another tweak for handling CSP - we need to make sure that we don…
…'t trigger any eval on load (not sure if it's the best tweak, definitely not ideal). Add a test page as well so that it's easier to catch problem.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that the UglifyJS file is executable. 80928cc
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Add missing line break after copyright header and trailing semicolon …
…at the end of the minified version.
@jeresig jeresig Weird, not sure why I got an exec error before - doesn't seem to be n…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'chrome-slice-comment' of
 into ajpiano-chrome-slice-comment
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into…
… mathiasbynens-master
@jitter jitter Remove an unused regex and optimize character escape regex usage. 265cf0e
Commits on Jan 19, 2011
@danheberden danheberden Revert uglify.js to original and handle build changes in make file 74dfc7f
@jaubourg jaubourg Moved ajaxSettings.xhr definition together with support.ajax and supp…
…ort.cors determination into ajax/xhr.js.
@jaubourg jaubourg Revised how context is determined and removed unnecessary "parameter …
…as variable" trick.
@jaubourg jaubourg Removes unnecessary test and ensures getResponseHeader returns null i…
…f the header does not exist.
@jaubourg jaubourg Use undefined instead of 0 to deference transport for clarity. 7947cd7
@jaubourg jaubourg Re-adds hastily removed variable and simplifies statusCode based call…
…backs handling.
@jaubourg jaubourg Moves determineDataType into ajaxSettings so that it is accessible to…
… transports without the need for a second argument and so that we can now pass the original options to the transport instead. Also ensures the original options are actually propagated to prefilters (they were not).
scottjehl Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' cb1f7ee
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes crossDomain test so that it assumes port to be 80 for http and …
…443 for https when it is not provided.
@jaubourg jaubourg Moves things around to make jsLint happier. 44f3a1b
scottjehl Revised the Nokia support fallback. It turns out that Nokia supports …
…the documentElement property but does not define document.compatMode. Adding this third fallback allows Nokia to run jQuery error-free and return proper values for window width and height.
@jaubourg jaubourg Moves active counter test after all other ajax tests where it should be. 96b00a4
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Rework unit tests to check actual result elements. 948c0df
@jaubourg jaubourg Cleans up and simplifies code shared by ajaxPrefilter and ajaxTranspo…
…rt. Removes chainability of ajaxSetup, ajaxPrefilter and ajaxTransport. Also makes sure context is handled properly by ajaxSetup (unit test added).
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure statusCode callbacks are ordered in the same way success a…
…nd error callbacks are. Unit tests added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Revises the way arguments are handled in ajax. 3e1d3d0
@jeresig jeresig Move jQuery(...) selector speed-up logic into Sizzle(...) qSA handlin…
…g. Additionally add in a new catch for Sizzle('.class') (avoid using qSA and use getElementsByClassName instead, where applicable).
@jaubourg jaubourg Renames determineDataType as determineResponse. Makes it more generic…
… as a first step into integrating the logic into the main ajax done callback. Also fixes some comments in ajax/xhr.js.
@jeresig jeresig Fix typo in regex tweak from previous commit. 0f6c783
@jaubourg jaubourg Renames Deferred's fire and fireReject methods as resolveWith and rej…
…ectWith respectively.
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge branch 'master' of f2b0c77
@jeresig jeresig Bring jQuery('#id') and jQuery('body') logic back into core (while le…
…aving it in Sizzle at the same time). Was causing too much of a performance hit to leave it all to Sizzle.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of ea5ce8c
@jaubourg jaubourg Removes misleading comment. 8ad2b31
@jaubourg jaubourg Moves determineResponse logic into main ajax callback. Puts responseX…
…XX fields definitions into ajaxSettings.
@rwaldron rwaldron cloneCopyEvent; jQuery.clone() review 49cd9c6
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'make_fix' of into…
… danheberden-make_fix
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into sco…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix-7853-add-context' of…
…uery into dmethvin-fix-7853-add-context
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleaned up; fixes per review 6458885
Commits on Jan 21, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Replaces "text in-between" technique with a full-fledged one-level tr…
…ansitive search for converters (unit tests added). Also cleans up auto dataType determination and adds converter checks in order to guess the best dataType possible.
@jeresig jeresig Revert "Make sure that focusin/focusout bubbles in non-IE browsers." …
…This was causing problems with the focusin event, see: #7340.

This reverts commit 88068f8.


@dmethvin dmethvin Don't do body-related feature tests on frameset docs that have no bod…
…y. Fixes #7398.
@rwaldron rwaldron Basic unit tests; This patch relies on the 51 existing clone() tests 33a67ff
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '8013p' of into rwldrn-…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix-7398-frameset-docs' of…
…jquery into dmethvin-fix-7398-frameset-docs
@rwaldron rwaldron Merge branch '8017lint' of into 8017…
Commits on Jan 22, 2011
@jitter jitter Fix selector scope on some tests, so they don't fail on testswarm. 4413c2f
@jaubourg jaubourg Re-organizes ajax.js: prefilters and transports are no longer stored …
…in ajaxSettings (their structure is not handled correctly by extend() and was causing some overhead when constructing the final options map in ajax()); base function for ajaxPrefilter and ajaxTransport has been renamed and split in two (one for inspection, one for addition); response/dataType determination and data conversion logics have been externalized from the ajax() internal callback; data conversion no longer sets responseXXX fields; some minor re-formatting and simplifications.
Commits on Jan 23, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes some coding style issues in core.js. In jQuery.fn.ready(), simp…
…lifies the whole code (for better backward compatibility) and removes redefinition of the function itself (in order not to clash with proxying). Also, in jQuery.when(), removes unnecessary closure and early rejection test and makes use of then instead of done/fail (better interoperability).
@jaubourg jaubourg Apply JQuery Core Style Guidelines to ajax.js and ajax/*.js, dd5bf42
@jaubourg jaubourg More code style fixes. ee22c8b
@jaubourg jaubourg Revised internal implementation of ajaxPrefilter() and ajaxTransport(…
…). Everything is shorter and more efficient now. Also fixes a couple spacing issues that remained.
Commits on Jan 24, 2011
@SlexAxton SlexAxton Moved jQuery global leak to end of file so accidental gEBCN overrides…
… in prototype don't get caught up in confusion. Fixed tests to reference jQuery variable instead of $ (best practice). Fixes #8033
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes prefilters and transport inspection more robust and uses better…
… variable names for readability.
@jitter jitter Fix Makefile to use plain sed. Remove unicode trickery 6d358c0
@jeresig jeresig Revert "Fix Makefile to use plain sed. Remove unicode trickery"
This reverts commit 6d358c0.
@jeresig jeresig Updating the year in the header. 6fb3998
@jeresig jeresig Backing out disconnected + and ~ tests as they're not something that …
…we actively support.
@jeresig jeresig Bring back in #main prefix on adjacent selectors. 9604a03
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.5rc1 release. 9d306bd
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.5pre. 294df4f
Commits on Jan 25, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron #8044 Removes unnec. rnonword var 8d05055
@jaubourg jaubourg Reworks how values of parameters passed to error callbacks are determ…
…ined. Fixes #8050.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8054 by reverting feature enhancement 5812 (4920). Regexps no …
…longer searches for %3F in url or data to find jsonp callback placeholders.
Commits on Jan 26, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #5856. Adds document protocol at the beginning of URLs without …
…protocol (thanks go to skrings for the initial pull request). Simplifies cross-domain detection regexp and logic as a consequence. Also took the opportunity to remove an unused variable. Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #5866. Issue number in previous commit was wrong both in commen…
…ts and commit message. See 0e5b341 for previous commit.
@jaubourg jaubourg Passes jXHR object as third argument of prefilters and transport fact…
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that init is run before jquery is built (avoiding weird war…
…nings when running 'make jquery' or 'make min'). Additionally only attempt to run JSLint or the minifier if NodeJS is installed (avoiding a weird warning when you first run 'make' or 'make all').
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of 6344821
@jitter jitter Fix Makefile to use plain sed agin. Remove unicode trickery. Thanks t…
…o danheberden and gnarf for figuring out why it previously faild on Mac OS X.
@gnarf gnarf Remove unneeded and confusing variable definition for better readabil…
@jaubourg jaubourg Actually does what bab8079 promised: passes the jXHR as the third arg…
…ument of prefilters and transport factories. Comitted for completness even if if backs this out in the end and only land in 1.5.1.
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge branch 'master' of 7f95a73
Commits on Jan 27, 2011
Digitalxero Make sure subclass is a proper subclass not just subclassing the fn m…
…ethods. Fixes #7979.
Commits on Jan 28, 2011
@jitter jitter Pull over tests from Sizzle. Fixes #3729. Fixes #6428. 1e4f3c0
@jaubourg jaubourg Compatibility fixes in ajax: exceptions are no longer promoted to str…
…ings before being given to callbacks. Updated misleading comment in conversion code.
@csnover csnover Use the original element/fragment as the last item to be appended to …
…the document instead of the first in order to prevent missing elements when appending to multiple elements. Fixes #8070.
Commits on Jan 29, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes potential collisions between jsonp requests from different jQue…
…ry instances by prefixing the jsonp callback name with the jQuery expando rather than with "jsonp".
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8082. Text to script converter now returns text. Unit test added. 85a195c
@jaubourg jaubourg Simplifies the unit test for #8082. 945ac0d
Commits on Jan 31, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Ensures dataTypeExpressions are lowercased for prefilters and transpo…
…rts registrations.
@jaubourg jaubourg Removed errorThrown test for 404 responses seeing as Safari 3.x XHR s…
…ets the statusText as "OK" rather than "Not Found".
@jeresig jeresig Rename jQuery.subclass() to jQuery.sub(). 749d41f
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.5 release. 8d8db3f
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.5.1pre. d753a7a
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds an invert method to promises that returns a "inverted" promise t…
…hat is resolved when the underlying deferred is rejected and rejected when the underlying deferred is resolved.
@jitter jitter Fixes #7568. Follow-up fix for #5862. Objects with a length property …
…weren't serialized properly by jQuery.param.
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure options.context is used as the context for global ajax eve…
…nts only if it's a DOM node.
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure all converters keys are lowercased before any conversion i…
…s taking place: dataTypes' names are now truly case insensitive. Unit test edited.
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure jsonp callback is not left in the global namespace in case…
… of an early abort (beforeSend). Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Script dataType now supports ecmascript mimetypes. e0b1bb8
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8095. Properly handles the case where browser cache needs to b…
…e bypassed while server-side logic still delivers proper 304 responses. Unit test added.
@rwaldron rwaldron Bug #8099 - Always restore to correct display value based on element'…
…s expected default display
@rwaldron rwaldron Bug #8099 - Updates per review c67867a
Commits on Feb 01, 2011
@danheberden danheberden Bug 8107; Fix argument handling for $.ajax for multiple method signat…
…ues and add test case
@danheberden danheberden Improve $.ajax method signature unit test and placement af70dee
@jaubourg jaubourg Places multiple signature test after all primary callbacks tests. eb5aab9
@jeresig jeresig The default for .clone() is to not clone any events. Fixes #8123. 375b787
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8115. Renames all references to jXHR with jqXHR in the code (l…
…ike was done in the doc).
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8125. Status is set to 200 for requests with status 0 when loc…
…ation.protocol if "file:". Added test/localfile.html to control it works.
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes #8129. Fix cloning multiple selected options in IE8. fa4c909
@valueof valueof Fixes #7945. Make jQuery.param() serialize plain objects with a prope…
…rty named jquery correctly.
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Fixes #8098. Use the fast document.head when available. Don't set unn…
…eeded "script.type = text/javascript".
Commits on Feb 02, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8135. Makes sure any exception thrown by Firefox when trying t…
…o access an XMLHttpRequest property when a network error occured is caught and notified as an error. Added test/networkerror.html to test the behavior.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8138. Access to document.location is made only once at load ti…
…me and if it fails (throwing an exception in IE when document.domain is already set), we use the href of an A element instead.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8146 by introducing the xhrFields option with is a map of fiel…
…dName/fieldValue to set on the native xhr. Can be used to set withCredentials to true for cross-domain requests if needed.
Commits on Feb 03, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8152 by applying the same special cases for protocol "chrome-e…
…xtension:" as were for "file:" (needs tests). Re-organizes and fixes the handling of special cases for HTTP status code in the xhr transport. Also re-organizes the handling of document.location in ajax.js.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8146. Custom fields in xhrFields are now set after the XMLHttp…
…Request object has been opened.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #7653. Changes regexp to detect local protocol so that it will …
…accept any protocol finishing by -extension.
@jaubourg jaubourg Stores jQuery.ajaxSettings.isLocal locally at load time so that any c…
…hange to it won't affect the transport. Fixes the url parsing regexp to deal with empty domains. Adds informative text into test/localfile.html and handles Opera's failure. Revises the way xhr are created by doing all tests at load time and normalizes all the xhr creation functions so that none of them may throw an exception.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds support for more complex protocol by having the url regexp close…
…r to rfc1738.
@jaubourg jaubourg Don't use a local copy of jQuery.ajaxSettings.isLocal anymore but use…
… the current value so that it is possible to set isLocal to true for protocols unknown to jQuery.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds widget as the list of local protocols. 7eba4b7
Commits on Feb 04, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Disables dataType redirection while selecting transport. d66cc55
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes abort in prefilter. No global event will be fired in that case …
…even if the global option is set to true. Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Reformats logic for early abort in beforeSend to limit block imbricat…
@jitter jitter Remove an invalid ajax test and some code that is no longer used by a…
…ny test.
Commits on Feb 05, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes a typo in the title of the load() unit test. 2c77704
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8177. XHR transport now considers 304 Not Modified responses a…
…s 200 OK if no conditional request header was provided (as per the XMLHttpRequest specification).
Commits on Feb 07, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure xhrs are actually aborted on unload in IE. Simplifies acti…
…ve xhrs caching in the process.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes a bug that prevented headers from being set in an ajaxSend call…
…back. Unit test modified.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds jQuery collection to objects that will be used as global events …
…context if provided in the ajax options.
@csnover csnover Update $.data to use a function instead of an object when attaching t…
…o JS objects in order to hide attached metadata from JSON.stringify. Remove event.js code that was doing this before specifically for events, which is now redundant. Fixes #8108. 1.5-stable
@csnover csnover Merge branch 'master' of into jquery-master 8805f13
@csnover csnover Update test to function properly in IE9. …
…Fixes #8052. 1.5-stable
Commits on Feb 08, 2011
@jitter jitter Make sure that mousing over Chrome "internal div" elements results in…
… no trigger of a mouseleave. Fixes #8209.
@jitter jitter Revert "Make sure that mousing over Chrome "internal div" elements re…
…sults in no trigger of a mouseleave."

This reverts commit 4a828c9.
@jitter jitter Make sure that mousing over Chrome "internal div" doesn't trigger a m…
…ouseleave. Fixes #8209.

Follow up to 4a828c9
which was stupid and got reversed.
@csnover csnover Revert portions of 7acb141 that attempt to use a function to hide jQu…
…ery metadata from JSON.stringify since this does not work reliably cross-browser (fails in Fx3.5, O11, Saf4).
Commits on Feb 09, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure statusText always defaults to "error". 2953d04
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes local filesystem test for ajax more insightful. 806d9ce
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8219. Introduces the mimeType option to override content-type …
…header in conversion (and in native xhr when possible). Adds companion overrideMimeType method on jqXHR object (it simply sets the option). Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Replaces jQuery.each loop for headers with a foreach loop. 6f4b36e
Commits on Feb 10, 2011
@jitter jitter Pull over tests from Sizzle. "Remove backslashes from tag name filter…
…. Fixes #8220."
@jeresig jeresig No need to duplicate Sizzle tests, just run them directly from Sizzle. 3f03628
@jitter jitter Fix some whitespace issues. Improve and correct an events test. 4490f42
@jitter jitter Make sure .clone(true) correctly clones namespaced events. Fixes #4537. 78fc79f
@rwaldron rwaldron Make sure .val() works after form.reset() in IE. Fixes #2551. 43a41ba
Commits on Feb 11, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Simplifies status normalization in xhr transport. Local file test mod…
…ified for clarity.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8245. Ajax now ensures header names are capitalized so that no…
…n-compliant xhr implementations don't override them.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds missing crossDomain test. 066304e
@jitter jitter Remove duplicate test. 481d940
@jaubourg jaubourg Minor changes to enforce JQuery Core Style Guidelines. ea3e10a
Commits on Feb 12, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Pulls out the callback function in setRequestHeader. Also renames the…
… regexp so that what it's meant to do is a bit more obvious.
@jaubourg jaubourg Enhances ajaxSetup so that it can take an optional target option, in …
…which case target will be updated instead of ajaxSettings. That way, fields that shouldn't be deep extended can be listed and dealt with in one place. jQuery.ajax now makes use of ajaxSetup with target to create its internal settings object. Fixes #7531 in IE9RC.
@davidmurdoch davidmurdoch Unexpose $.support._scriptEval as it's not needed. Use a private var …
…instead. Fixes #8200.
@davidmurdoch davidmurdoch Remove unnecessary "script.type = text/javascript;". Fixes #8198.
Follow up to 462bb1f.
@joshvarner joshvarner Remove sed from post-build code, due to portability issues between GN…
…U and BSD versions.

Follow up to ba43d37 which apparently
didn't fix the problem completly on Mac OS X.
@jrburke jrburke Add readyWait tests. Fixes #8145.
Adds tests for the fix to #6781.
Commits on Feb 13, 2011
@jitter jitter Remove old cruft from test folder. Change "polluted" test suite loade…
…r to use CDN hosted libraries.
@jitter jitter Follow up to fbf79c0.
Fix stupid error.
@jitter jitter Clean up whitespace in test/unit/effects.js dba8c20
@jitter jitter Don't add "px" to unit-less properties when animating them. Fixes #4966. c5edf98
@jitter jitter Fix breaking test in Chrome. 6597733
Commits on Feb 14, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix8033' of into Sl…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '8099' of into rwldrn-8099 bb94085
@jitter jitter Add missing semicolon. 217a991
@csnover csnover Hide metadata when serializing JS objects using JSON.stringify via a …
…toJSON hack. Fixes #8108.
@csnover csnover Update to use jQuery.noop for toJSON hack instead of an a…
…dditional superfluous function.
Commits on Feb 15, 2011
@jitter jitter Fix some unscoped tests which failed after recent changes to QUnit. 8e40a84
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8277. Sets data to undefined rather than null when it is not p…
…rovided in ajax helpers so that it won't revent data set in ajaxSettings from being used. Unit test added.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fixes #7922. Copy the donor event when simulating a bubbling submit i…
…n IE so that we don't accidentally stop propagation on it. Remove a bunch of return statements that could also cancel the event. DRY out the liveFired change from #6359 by moving it to the trigger() function.
@jitter jitter Fix some whitespace issues. 6b08d88
@jitter jitter Revert "Merge branch '8099' of into …

This reverts commit bb94085, reversing
changes made to 3ad8dd2.


Commits on Feb 17, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8297. Makes sure response headers with empty values are handle…
…d properly and do not prevent proper parsing of the entire response headers string. Unit test amended.
@dmethvin dmethvin Only perpetrate the .toJSON hack on data caches when they are attache…
…d to a plain Javascript object. Part of the continuing saga of #8108.
louisremi Fixes #7912. Make sure .cur() only returns 0 as fallback value when i…
…t needs to ("", auto, undefined, null).

This change makes .cur() more .cssHooks friendly. .cur() now returns the unmodified value by
.css() if it isn't a number, number-alike or a value that needs a fallback to 0.
This way fx.start doesn't need to be recalculated for complex values.
@jitter jitter Fix a some inaccuracies in the original test case for #7912.
- Use fresh div instead of one outside the test-fixture
- make sure the empty string test tests actually that (not 0% 0%)
- actually test for < -10000 (#7193)
- fixed some whitespace issues
Commits on Feb 18, 2011
@SlexAxton SlexAxton A temporary workaround for #8018 that avoids any chance of compatibil…
…ity-breaking changes until a proper fix can be landed in 1.6.
@jaubourg jaubourg Revert "Adds an invert method to promises that returns a "inverted" p…
…romise that is resolved when the underlying deferred is rejected and rejected when the underlying deferred is resolved."

This reverts commit 4e97543.
@danheberden danheberden Bug #6911 - Prevent action on disabled elements, both triggering and …
…bound via .live()
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.5.1rc1 release. 13e1198
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.5.1pre. d5f7711
Commits on Feb 21, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes the promise method of Deferreds a bit more readable by not usin…
…g the variable declared as parameter trick anymore.
Commits on Feb 23, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8353. Adds a catch block in resolveWith so that the finally bl…
…ock gets executed in IE7 and IE6.
@jaubourg jaubourg Refactors jQuery.when to avoid unnecessary recursion and limit functi…
…on calls as much as possible.
@jeresig jeresig Make a new - splitting apart the previo…
…us feature detect relating to clone in IE, fixes the last remaining issue with IE 9 RC. Fixes #8365.
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.5.1 release. 2defcf9
@timmywil timmywil Include distribution in release tag 916e094