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Commits on Apr 11, 2011
louisremi Group all local functions at the top of the file and add comments 780b798
@dmethvin dmethvin Shave some time off array setup in trigger/handle a5071d4
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790-quick…
louisremi replace cssPropsAware branch 272b8d6
louisremi limit this test to browsers not supporting opacity 6ddc381
louisremi the expected number of assertions shouldn't contain a condition d710442
louisremi Double quote is the new simple quote 930731b
louisremi first batch cccd092
louisremi double quotes, again 581fa82
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '2773_firefox_opera_fix' of…
…jquery into timmywil-2773_firefox_opera_fix
louisremi second batch 11adde5
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge branch 'master' of f6f1cc7
@jaubourg jaubourg Bug fixes in queue.js: type in dequeue could be undefined which lead …
…to a wrong data key, which would then have undesirable data left dangling on elements. Also adds missing semicolon in effects unit.
timmywil retrieving list with getAttribute is fine, no need to add list here a…
Commits on Apr 12, 2011
timmywil Fixes unit/css.js test fail in Safari 5. support.js test was passing …
…erroneously due to the body to which the div was attached having a width of 0
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'attr_remove_list_check' of…
…jquery into timmywil-attr_remove_list_check
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into rob…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_4366' of into jbo…
@azatoth azatoth QUnit test for overriding important css declarations, references #4427 1299e89
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of ea6987e
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into inuk…

@jeresig jeresig Removing un-needed frameElement check as discussed in #8018. Fixes #8…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix_8403' of into lrba…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix_8402' of into lrba…
@jeresig jeresig Some minor code cleanup. 0ff4c69
@jeresig jeresig Revert "QUnit test for overriding important css declarations, referen…
…ces #4427"

This reverts commit 1299e89.


louisremi third batch f42010b
louisremi resolve conflict 8547b34
louisremi merge with master and resolve more conflicts a5604ae
louisremi resolve more conflicts 02e0047
louisremi switch double quotes with single quotes 01a2b51
louisremi revert last commit f19a74f
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket 8099, Reattempt with iframe 7164615
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes #8099 using iframe to capture an element's real default display…
…; suggested by lrbabe/louisremi
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix-8790-quick-trigger' of…
…jquery into dmethvin-fix-8790-quick-trigger
@jeresig jeresig Fixing some minor formatting problems. 34adda3
@jeresig jeresig More formatting tweaks. e7787cd
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'Sub_Naming' of into …

@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_7931' of into Xavi-…

@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into jclain…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into rjgo…
…tten-master. Also added in unit tests covering the case. Fixes #6180.

John Firebaugh Accessing the 'type' property on VML elements fails on IE. Fixes #7071. 0d8b247
@dmethvin dmethvin Use explicit "new jQuery.Event" to avoid double-function-call overhead. 352715b
timmywil JSLint failed due to function created within for loop 73f9ab6
@dmethvin dmethvin Explicitly set event.type in case we chopped out a namespace or exclu…
…sive flag.
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'fix-8790-quick-trigger'
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes #8099 using iframe to capture an element's real default display…
…; suggested by lrbabe/louisremi
@dmethvin dmethvin Followup to #8753. Modify new Event constructor signature to jQuery.e…
…vent(type, props), which can be exploited by jQuery.event.trigger as well.
timmywil VML.type test was causing multiple test suite fails, fix attributes.j…
…s fail in IE6 where the val(String/Number) tests were interfering with the val(Function) tests
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'jslint_function_in_loop' of…
…/jquery into timmywil-jslint_function_in_loop
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'fix_suite_fails' of
…into timmywil-fix_suite_fails
Commits on Apr 13, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8635 again (fix was lost in rewrite). Also removes unnecessary…
… "manual" garbage collection.
@jaubourg jaubourg Ensures callback placeholders are tested for and eventually replaced …
…in data only when contentType is application/x-www-form-urlencoded and data is a string. Removes json to jsonp promotion when jsonp or jsonpCallback options are present. Uses new Deferred.always method to bind cleanUp function.
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8099 Conditional iframe approache, caches both iframe and ifr…
…amedoc for reuse
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8099 Updates per review 59240d3
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8099 Performance tweaking, credits a76decc
@jeresig jeresig Updating Sizzle. 42e2026
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of 72ddc8c
Commits on Apr 14, 2011
timmywil Fix test suite fail in IE6/7 on event:undelegate - was failing an if …
…where it shouldn't
timmywil IE9's support for SVG elements unfortunately does not extend to clear…
…Attributes. Checks for its presence before proceeding.
@jboesch jboesch fixing bug 4146 - round 2! e64d3d4
timmywil Adjust the unit tests in traversing - is(jQuery) to avoid long-runnin…
…g script alerts
louisremi Merge branch 'master' of into effects…
louisremi reduce function calls
simplify easing resolution code
+ some code cleanup
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_4146_v2' of into …
@jeresig jeresig Fix formatting of pull 325. Fixes #4146. 84712bd
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '8099' of Fixes #8099.
timmywil Adds box-sizing check for IE9 inputs and buttons d4b31a1
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6b1 release. 19ceebd
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.6pre. 8e1467f
Commits on Apr 15, 2011
timmywil Add support for setting the cellPadding attribute in IE6/7 b6d2159
louisremi - merge master
- move private functions at the bottom
- remove duplicate code
- move more var at the top of their scope
- rewrite a loop to be more efficient
louisremi remove more useless code. feels good. 7666c3e
louisremi typo 7bc8227
@jboesch jboesch revert to old code, bug is invalid c4d0ccc
louisremi undefined should be as good as null here bcc8187
@jboesch jboesch removing regex 35d9425
@sbisbee sbisbee Continuing to map request headers using their name in uppercase for t…
…he index, but we now map to an object with an unmodified name and value: { name: "", value: "" }. This prevents overwriting of the user's supplied headers, which many applications parse with case sensitivity, because we no longer use the modified, uppercase index when building the request.
@sbisbee sbisbee Fixing code styling typo. 4d3cb7d
@jaubourg jaubourg Removes now unnecessary regexp and companion function. Fixes some spa…
…cing issues. Shortens field names.
Commits on Apr 16, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Backing out fix for #6481. ce7b311
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'effectsCleanup' of
…into louisremi-effectsCleanup
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'cellpadding_support' of
 into timmywil-cellpadding_support
@jeresig jeresig Cache references to navigator and location. Fixes #6690. 94ee3e9
Commits on Apr 17, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Allow function to be passed in as a data object to bind and one. Fixe…
…s #6993.
@jeresig jeresig Add in unit tests for #6993. 5d70c6d
@dmethvin dmethvin Follow-up to #8790. Delay the creation of a jQuery.Event until we kno…
…w it will need to be triggered.
timmywil Switch QUnit div from depreceted #main to #qunit-fixture ecf6a3c
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that there isn't an error if no event object exists. Fixes …
@gilmoreorless gilmoreorless Added check for live mouseenter/mouseleave events if bound to nested …
…elements with the same selector. Fixes #5884.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that forms and selects are added to a jQuery set correctly.…
… Fixes #6912.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that hide or show don't fail when operating on non-Element …
…nodes. Fixes #6135.
timmywil Update QUnit, fix visibility of #dl and pass JSLint in effects.js 68cc3ad
timmywil Merge branch 'qunit_fixture' 3aa4672
timmywil Update Sizzle - qunit-fixture changes 230a50f
Brian Brennan Fix live mouseenter and mouseleave binding so they can be activated b…
…y triggers. Fixes #6514.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of 7a8fac5
@jeresig jeresig Updating UglifyJS. 2786a11
@jeresig jeresig Remove unnecessary usage of Function.prototype.bind (#7783) but maint…
…ain API. Also fix bug with proxy failing when a name is provided. Fixes #8893.
Brian Brennan Fix live mouseenter and mouseleave binding so they can be activated b…
…y triggers. Fixes #6514.
@jeresig jeresig Updating UglifyJS. 2a71493
@jeresig jeresig Remove unnecessary usage of Function.prototype.bind (#7783) but maint…
…ain API. Also fix bug with proxy failing when a name is provided. Fixes #8893.
timmywil Fix value attribute and val for value on button elements. Fixes #1954 34d8070
timmywil Merge branch 'master' of fb5ef2c
@rwaldron rwaldron DRY out #6514 8d37547
Commits on Apr 19, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg (Re) Fixes #8884 in a way that keeps the format of the headers map se…
…nt to transports natural.
timmywil Only use getAttributeNode on buttons when setting value 825d3d9
timmywil Fix test suite fails for hiding text nodes in F4 and IE9. Update for …
timmywil Follow w3c standard for setting the common boolean attributes to the …
…same name(selected, checked, readOnly, and disabled)
Commits on Apr 20, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Updating Sizzle and QUnit. 60cfab3
Commits on Apr 21, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure no unload handler is bound when not in IE. Also simplifies…
… the whole "on unload abort" code. Also avoids the declaration of yet another variables in the jQuery main closure for the temporary XHR used to assess support properties.
timmywil Update Sizzle and QUnit dbe966a
Commits on Apr 22, 2011
timmywil Landing pull request [337](#337). Value of radio inputs resets when t…
…ype is set after the value in all IEs. Fixes #8570 ([bug](
timmywil Landing pull request 332. Appending disconnected radio or checkbox in…
…puts and keeping checked setting Fixes #8060, #8500.

More Details:
 - #332
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790a-quic…
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 340. Adds widows, orphans to cssNumber hash; inc…
…ludes tests. Fixes #8936.

More Details:
 - #340
timmywil Combine the support tests for radioValue and appendChecked 2942be7
timmywil Merge branch 'master' of bc7bb0d
@jeresig jeresig Disabling .add(form.elements) unit test. 9b00827
Commits on Apr 23, 2011
timmywil Switch the form nodeName check in attr to use jQuery.nodeName for con…
@jboesch jboesch Landing pull request 344. using jQuery.nodeName where applicable.
More Details:
 - #344
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
@aFarkas aFarkas dealing with boolean content attribute 9559b1a
@aFarkas aFarkas handle data- and aria- special 83e9ce9
timmywil Add tests data- and aria- attributes and the autofocus boolean attrib…
…ute and some style updates in jQuery.attr
@rwaldron rwaldron No need to test for widows & orphans values in IE6-8. Fixes #8971 86d5d3e
timmywil Merged pull request #345 from rwldrn/8971.
No need to test for widows & orphans values in IE6-8. Fixes #8971
Commits on Apr 26, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron core style guide correction. Fixes #8978 08f52d6
@jaubourg jaubourg Merged pull request #348 from rwldrn/8978. core style guide correction. Fixes #8978
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6rc1 release. 455edf1
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.6pre fd11df1
@jeresig jeresig Adding a Node-based release management script for pushing new release…
…s to the CDN.
Commits on Apr 27, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Add a simple script for generating the release notes of a pre-release. b5772da
timmywil Correct the attachment of the p tag in the widows/orphans tests. Fixe…
…s test suite in IE8
Commits on Apr 28, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 354. Adds QUnit Aliases to testrunner.js. Fixes …

More Details:
 - #354
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 357. Update unit tests for widows & orphans. Sup…
…plements #8971 Fixes #8971.

More Details:
 - #357
@rwaldron rwaldron Make cached rspaces regex definitions consistent. Fixes #9008 57f56be
timmywil Syntax in testrunner b8a9c2b
@xavierm02 xavierm02 Javascript -> JavaScript except if it was intentional to avoid lettin…
…g newbies think it's Java.
@dmethvin dmethvin Merged pull request #360 from xavierm02/patch-3.
Javascript -> JavaScript
Commits on Apr 29, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Restored /g flag to rspaces; Adds unit tests; Supplements #9008 ca36767
@rwaldron rwaldron Restores var names to satisfy the crock-machine. Supplements #9008 bf678fd
@dmethvin dmethvin Merged pull request #361 from rwldrn/9008a.
Restored /g flag to rspaces; Adds unit tests; Supplements #9008
Commits on Apr 30, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron jQuery.buildFragment, ensure doc is a document; Includes comments; Ad…
…ds unit test. Fixes #8950
Commits on May 01, 2011
timmywil Test for a colon in attribute names for IE6/7. Fixes #1591. 24a8ffb
Commits on May 02, 2011
timmywil Set background to none on our mock body and remove its contents to av…
…oid a crash in IE when removing it. Fixes #9028.
@jeresig jeresig Change check for skipping the initial quickExpr RegExp check. Fixes #…
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that empty nodelists continue to map properly. Fixes #8993. 6c449fd
@jeresig jeresig Check for #8984 wasn't strong enough, enhanced. ca338dc
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6 release. eae7c41
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.6.1pre 53f2750
@jeresig jeresig Fix bug with handling minor releases after major releases in the buil…
…d script.
@jeresig jeresig Update the UglifyJS code. f4b5d3f
@jeresig jeresig Ensure that an endline is in place at the end of the minified jQuery …
@jeresig jeresig Less aggressive semicolon insertion for the minified file. 89fd9df
timmywil Add a test page for running the test suite against a fully built and …
…compressed jQuery. Fixes #7650.
timmywil Avoid changing html in two places; add minified jQuery as an option t…
…o the main test page
timmywil Fix QUnit Header links 6d2fd57
Commits on May 03, 2011
timmywil Fix setting value attributes on option elements. Fixes #9071. 4ac2fdd
@jeresig jeresig Updating release note script. 3cdffce
@jeresig jeresig Fix problem with appending multiple string arguments in IE 6. Fixes #…
Commits on May 04, 2011
@jeresig jeresig If no hook is provided, and a boolean property exists, use that to re…
…turn an attribute-style value for boolean attributes. Fixes #9079.
timmywil Update boolean check to avoid crashes, add all name fixes to propFix …
…(properties are case-sensitive in all browsers), add tests for prop
timmywil Set corresponding property to false when removing boolean attributes.…
… Fixes #9094
timmywil Run property names through propFix in removeProp 3ed4b22
timmywil Set the property corresponding to a boolean attribute when setting to…
… true. Fixes #9103.

- Once boolean properties had been modified natively, setting the attribute no longer set the current value
Commits on May 05, 2011
timmywil Construct boolHook and rboolean regex to deal with boolean attributes…
…. Fixes #9129. Fixes #9123.

- Construct regex for all attributes which are boolean attributes by specification.

  + This allows us to do what users expect with enumerated attributes and allows us to no longer complicate the issue.

  + People are just too confused with passing "true" instead of true when they should, so we won't have to worry about that anymore.

- Modularize code for dealing with boolean attributes into a separate hook to keep attr short and fast.
timmywil Add support for the contenteditable attribute cccf9ad
timmywil Update boolean attribute list to contain all boolean attributes liste…
…d in w3c
Commits on May 06, 2011
timmywil Reduce boolean attribute list to only content attributes
- Removed IDL-only boolean attributes as well as officially deprecated attributes that we've not supported before
timmywil tmp was global in the new fn.promise. Fixes #9147. f7f8450
timmywil Check empty string instead of specified as specified is inconsistent …
…on the name attribute. Fixes #9148.
timmywil Global found in dataAttr function c864455
Commits on May 07, 2011
timmywil Global found in valHook for select(get) 09c0cf9
timmywil Reduce the boolean list only to those that have corresponding IDLs th…
…at don't require being added to propFix; only set the IDL if it exists

- See for how boolean attributes are handled in every browser.
@gnarf gnarf Landing pull request 372. Test for numeric properties was using wrong…
… variable. Fixes #9074.

More Details:
 - #372
@sciolist sciolist Fix per-property easing. Fixes #9067 3d1c27d
Commits on May 08, 2011
timmywil Set val before hide/show check and fix easing setting; also update at…
…tributes test for autofocus

- The object passed should not change so it can be used in future animates, updated src and tests accordingly.
timmywil Call extend on prop to avoid changing original properties so that per…
…-property easing is not lost in multiple animations with the same props
timmywil Remove value check from formHook; other elements can use value hook 18b1cf2
Commits on May 09, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #9109. When jQuery is loaded in the body, then the fake body el…
…ement used in support has to be inserted before the document's body for boxModel to be properly detected (got the hint by looking at the code in jQuery mobile). Test page added so that we can keep checking this.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #9104. Returning null or undefined in a pipe callback shouldn't…
… end up throwing an exception. Silly, silly, me.
louisremi .animate() Callbacks should fire in correct order (fix #9100 + unit t…
louisremi oops unit test f34a90b
Commits on May 10, 2011
timmywil Add fallback to prop for the window and document. Switch value to use…
… the property instead of the attribute for back compat.
louisremi oops console 966c2fe
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds unit/support.js to unit tests. Still have to test for #8763 has …
…to be done in its own file however, since Firefox refuses to notify global errors in the iframe (attachEvent, window.onerror and script.onerror all fail).
@thegrandpoobah thegrandpoobah Landing pull request 370. Fixes #8763. 304dd61
louisremi Landing pull request 374. .animate() Callbacks should fire in correct…
… order (unit test included). Fixes #9100.

More Details:
 - #374
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that mouseenter/mouseleave fire on the correct element when…
… doing delegation. Fixes #9069.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that data properties with hyphens are always accessed/set u…
…sing camelCase. Fixes #9124.
@jeresig jeresig Fix tabs in delegate test. 1ec003f
timmywil Update QUnit d75c61a
@jeresig jeresig Update sizzle. c8374fa
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of d2fea61
@jeresig jeresig More formatting tweaking. c42360b
@jeresig jeresig Updating Sizzle. 2812a87
@jeresig jeresig Updating QUnit. f9cccd0
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6.1rc1 release. 344af56
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.6.1pre 68d980b
timmywil Revert "Updating QUnit." This commit actually reverted QUnit.
This reverts commit f9cccd0.
Commits on May 11, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #9221. Wraps openings of html comments and CDATA blocks found a…
…t the beginning of inserted script elements into a javascript block comment so that the new implementation of globalEval will not throw an exception in IE (execScript being less lenient than eval). Unit tests added.
@jeresig jeresig Adding in test case to support #9211. f794f48
timmywil JR don't want my QUnit. 01c5b7f
Commits on May 12, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6.1 release. 9fd37b2
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.6.2pre b60c856
Commits on May 13, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #9239. If the body is already present in the DOM, use a div wit…
…hin it to perform boxModel-related support tests. Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds iframe code for #9239. 0f81cf8
timmywil Animation callbacks keep their place in the queue stack. Fixes #9220. 3486365
@avaly avaly Landing pull request 375. Added test case to support #9237 Fixes #9237. cbbd7d2
timmywil Style edits for pull request 375 a5b7c0f
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 365. jQuery.buildFragment, ensure doc is a docum…
…ent; Fixes #8950.

More Details:
 - #365
timmywil Use prop to retrieve boolean properties (so the selected hook will be…
… used)
timmywil Make sure setting boolean attributes to the same name sets the proper…
…ty to a boolean type
timmywil Removing unnecessary argument type check for boolean hook cf70249
Commits on May 14, 2011
timmywil Retrieve the class attribute on a form in IE6/7. Fixes 9286. 6171e0a
Commits on May 16, 2011
timmywil Use getAttributeNode for ^on attributes in IE6/7 to avoid anonymous f…
…unction wrapper. Fixes #9298.
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 377. Check custom data != null(undefined), allow…
…s zero; Fixes #9285.

More Details:
 - #377
Commits on May 18, 2011
timmywil Switched title attribute to getAttributeNode for IE6/7. Fixes #9329. 7d3ba9f
timmywil Make the value hook less obtrusive for elements which do not inherent…
…ly have a value property. Fixes #9328.
timmywil Handle unset value attributes consistently depending on property exis…
…tence. Supplements #9328.
timmywil Unnecessary var removed. a1545b5
Commits on May 20, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 382. Adds support for number values (meter,progr…
…ess); Fixes #9319.

More Details:
 - #382
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Landing pull request 352. Slightly improved defaultDisplay() and Thro…
…bber of Doom. Fixes #8994.

More Details:
 - #352
Commits on May 25, 2011
timmywil Remove unnecessary background setting in support now that we have the…
… div reversion. Test added.
timmywil Attach background data to divs as well a5396bd
timmywil Null created elements in support to avoid leaks in IE. Tested IE6-8. …
…Leaks are contained to the byte. Fixes #9294.
timmywil detachEvent is unnecessary since we're nulling div. Fixes #8873. b8fc9d1
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 383. Relocating jQuery.camelCase to core; Fixes …

More Details:
 - #383
Scott Hughes Landing pull request 389. Null elements in clone to avoid memory leak…
… in IE. Fixes #9341.

More Details:
 - #389
timmywil elem.getElementsByTagName calls the function in IE6/7. Fixes #9370. 1d1cb58
timmywil Return null for outer/inner width/height calls on window/document. Fi…
…xes #7557.
timmywil Move window/document test to dimensions for consistency bdce86d
Commits on May 26, 2011
timmywil Add test for appending an xml element to another. Supplements #9370. 9d4033d
timmywil Move the value attrHook to the main attrHooks object to save bytes 1d202c6
Commits on Jun 07, 2011
timmywil Update QUnit. 71d2e65
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 404. Removes unused hasOwn var declaration. Fixe…
…s #9510.

More Details:
 - #404
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 403. Check for both camelized and hyphenated dat…
…a property names; Fixes #9301.

More Details:
 - #403
@mikesherov mikesherov Add margin after checking width. Add tests. Fixes #9441. Fixes #9300. 80ad14b
timmywil Optimize width/height retrieval (moved logic to getWH, removed adjust…
…WH). Supplements #9441, #9300.
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 401. Nulling all elements created in support.js;…
… Fixes #9471.

More Details:
 - #401
timmywil Remove fellback in width/height cssHook d66c3b6
Commits on Jun 08, 2011
timmywil Add catch block to try/finally in deferred. Fixes #9033. Test case ne…
timmywil Check classes passed for duplicates. Fixes #9499. db437be
timmywil Revert "Add catch block to try/finally in deferred. Fixes #9033. Test…
… case needed." Line of exception was lost when debugging.

This reverts commit 0a80be6.
Commits on Jun 13, 2011
timmywil Attribute hooks do not need to be attached in XML docs. Fixes #9568. 641ad80
Commits on Jun 14, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 397. withinElement rewrite in event. Fixes #6234… 6926247
@ghazel ghazel Landing pull request 410. Moves jQuery attachment comment to outro.
More Details:
 - #410
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 409. Adds fillOpacity to internal cssNumber. Fix…
…es #9548.

More Details:
 - #409
Schalk Neethling Landing pull request 378. Comment typo in core.js.
More Details:
 - #378
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6.2rc1 release. d443e53