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Commits on Apr 03, 2011
timmywil Speed up hasAttr a little 607210e
timmywil First proposed solution for IE6/7 get/setAttribute quirks. Needs more…
… testing, but solves some issues
timmywil Didn't actually need the hooks anymore 00abeae
timmywil Fix feature test, accidentally got rid of closure end ebb8e8e
timmywil Continuing IE7 testing, conditional attr fixes and hooks with feature…
… testing. Will figure out a way to shorten after the test suite passes.
timmywil Full test suite now passes in all browsers! There are probably some t…
…weaks we can make to shorten and simplify.

- removeAttr now only uses setAttribute if camelCase setAttribute is not supported

  + Might want to rename

- tabIndex is a special case now for hooks where undefined should be returned.

  + Should we be checking if hooks returns undefined?  undefined might be the desired return value in future hooks.
    As of now, tabIndex is the only one that needs it, but the test suite will still pass if we don't check if hooks are undefined.
timmywil Simplify jQuery.removeAttr and return this b85d2cd
timmywil No, don't return this. 77c559c
timmywil Don't use extend when setting the action attrHook for IE6/7 f578e0f
timmywil Style edits according to comments from John and rwaldron. dbe3b7a
timmywil Restored 6 tests that I had commented to come back to later to split …
…up between prop and attr. All tests still pass in all browsers.

- I should make it clear that I have not removed any tests, but only moved some attr tests to prop where I thought it was appropriate.
timmywil Test description 2580420
timmywil Pass jslint, 2 missing semicolons d28922b
timmywil Performance enhancement switching nodeType to a var dfeeb87
timmywil Non-existent attribute for jQuery.attr no longer needs to check for "…

- Remove an unnecessary var

- Use variable in removeAttr for better minification
timmywil Fix #7472 and added test for #3113
- Forms with an input that has either name="action" or name="some-other-attr-on-the-form" caused problems in IE6/7.  This is fixed.

- Changed check in $.attr for ret === null to typeof ret === "object" to catch any inputs that are accidentally retrieved in IE6/7, since attributes cannot be set to objects and typeof null === "object"
timmywil Fix #6562, tighten up the special code for form objects, add name att…
…rHook for IE6/7, and don't check for undefined with getting hook'd attr
timmywil Add test for bug#3685, remove added html and add dynamicly to avoid g…
…lobal test suite errors
timmywil Add test for bug #3116 3892df2
timmywil Fix issue where non-existant attributes on forms in IE6/7 were throwi…
…ng errors
timmywil Modularize special form code for IE6/7 and clean up attr again 479b28f
timmywil Shorten even further 56014a1
timmywil Clean up 5caf7d8
timmywil No longer need to check for objects or string of null with the specia…
…l form treatment and updates to removeAttr
timmywil Style formatting 03da4c7
timmywil Add attribute name to paramaters for hooks 11c97bb
timmywil Add name to prop hooks as well 217a7ab
timmywil Shorten the logic for hooks, ternary was unnecessary a4d4497
timmywil Add style attribute support tests to $.attr fa4373c
timmywil Move the check for the name attribute out of attr and down to the for…
…mHook definition
timmywil - Added a hook to swap display none for width and height in browsers …
…that do not sufficiently support get/setAttribute
timmywil #5413 - Much shorter solution for getting width/height in ie6
- #8255 Added support for the list attribute in browsers that support it (it is automatically readonly, but can be set if using getAttribute( name, 2)
timmywil Minor adjustments and cleanup, including normalizing the value to a s…
…tring when setting( list of changes below )

- Normalize set value to string to synchronize return type cross-browser

- Add style attrHook to propHooks to support style getting in all browsers for both attr and prop

- Extend the selected propHook instead of overriding a possible set function

- Remove selected propHook TODO since there is no selected content attribute and it should return null
timmywil Move the if statement in jQuery.fn.removeAttr to jQuery.removeAttr
- Extra testing on removeAttr and IE form weirdness( all good )
timmywil Found a problem removing the style attribute in IE
- Style is now a special case in IE6/7 to set cssText.  My goal is to avoid calling attr again for the performance benefit, and at this point it would also cause an infinite loop for the boolean attributes hooks such as selected & checked.  Nevertheless, style seems to be the only one requiring a special call.
timmywil Normalize css property names to lowercase for comparisons on a .attr(…
…'style') call since IE uppercases everything
Commits on Apr 04, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8744. Makes sure script transport abort method actually remove…
…s the script tag even if readyState exists.
@danheberden danheberden Bug 7345; Add support for explicit/relative string values in .css - m…
…odified from original pull req by brandonaron #78
timmywil Remove the unused radiocheck regex 94fff6f
louisremi use requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval for animations, when…
… available.
louisremi omitting 'window.' was causing undefined errors 9dc6397
louisremi 'this' is the window 933ea8c
louisremi timerId has to be set to true, to avoid starting multiple animation q…
louisremi there was no way to 'manually' stop an animation 03e6f72
louisremi reduce impact of requestAnimationFrame on incompatible browsers by mi…
…nimizing number of lookups
louisremi first tick should not occur immediatly; no tick should happen after a…
… stop()

+ comments
louisremi shorten requestAnimationFrame test 5b03693
timmywil Some adjustments and style edits on lrbabe's pull for requestAnimatio…

- Moved support.js check to effects.js.  This is just an assignment to the function if it exists.  Removed string concatenations.

  + Still need to do the checks on window, but after that, window is no longer needed.

- Switched ternary to an if statmenet

- assigned timerId to a number rather than the function. I did perf tests to check which is faster.
@danheberden danheberden Improve relative string performance in .css and some code cleanup 44a3b58
Commits on Apr 05, 2011
@danheberden danheberden Improve speed of $.map with object support (-5% previous speed) and i…
…mprove .length detection
@danheberden danheberden Bug 7587; Enhancement/1.6 Feature: Bypass regexp filter on $.parseJSO…
…N and use native thrown exceptions if window.JSON.parse is available
@danheberden danheberden Remove extra else in parseJSON 3609bed
@danheberden danheberden Add missing var declaration for c0389e3
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8753 Allow special properties to explicitly defined on jQuery…
….Event objects
@rwaldron rwaldron Move this.type setting to after prop set; avoid setting twice b1b2e83
timmywil Per rwaldron's request, added oRequestAnimationFrame as a possibility 9db18dd
@rwaldron rwaldron Remove this.type assignment 92a4d59
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8777 undelegate by namespace 4b0c26f
Commits on Apr 06, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'ticket_7883' of into r…
@dmethvin dmethvin Shorten up the code and do event cleanup on test cases. c1316a4
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch '4321' of into rwldrn-4321 1e85027
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'domready' of 0fbadbc
timmywil Performance testing: localize val to each block and only set val to v…
…alue when not a function
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'cssrelative.1.6' of
… into danheberden-cssrelative.1.6
@carpie carpie Skip id regex check when large html strings are passed to the jQuery …
…constructor (#7990).
@dmethvin dmethvin Switch from recursion to iteration for event triggering. Move event-n…
…ame namespace processing out of event handler, since it has to always go through trigger.
@dmethvin dmethvin Only bubble a triggered event if we have attached a jQuery handler, b…
…ut check the current element for an inline handler regardless. Make some other size optimizations as well.
@dmethvin dmethvin Sadly, we still have to bubble the event so inline handlers will work. 29386db
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix some spacing and comment issues that crept in with the rebase. 879be3d
Commits on Apr 07, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fixes #8712. Bubble custom events to the window when they are trigger…
…ed. Ride that, Cowboy!
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #8732. Change feature detect for focusin event support, so IE9 wo…
…n't have duplicate events.
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure each animation tick has the same timestamp for all animati…
…ons in the batch.
@dmethvin dmethvin Allow specific custom events to exit trigger early if there are no ha…
…ndlers bound for that type.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds always and chain methods to deferreds. bb99899
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds fn.promise as a mean to observe the completion of animations on …
…a set of elements. Only queued animations are handled for now, non-queued animations support coming soon. Effects unit tests updated to test the feature (needs more testing though).
@jaubourg jaubourg Rewrite of globalEval. Uses window.execScript or window.eval with a t…
…rick to ensure proper context. Unit tests added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Rewrite of the support module. We use a temporary body element in ord…
…er not to have to wait for the document to be ready for boxModel-related support tests.
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge branch 'master' of
@dmethvin dmethvin Create jQuery.holdReady(true/false) method to encapsulate…
…yWait++ / jQuery.ready(true) logic. Fix problem where jQuery.ready may trigger twice, causing the (unsupported) document.onready to run twice. Fixes #8803 .
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of c470db6
Commits on Apr 08, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fixes #8722. Remove try/catch used by #3533 to fix the IE Table Colon…
… Blow bug, and instead check for colon in the event name. Thanks to daguej for scoping this out -- a colonoscopy you might say.
@jaubourg jaubourg Renames chain as pipe. 7a1c6be
@jaubourg jaubourg Applies exception in Style Guidelines regarding objects and functions…
… when they are the last argument of a function call.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds a default falsy value for focusinBubbles + minor style consisten…
…cy regarding test expression in support map initialization.
@azatoth azatoth Git for dummies
Per request, here is an simple git for dummies quick sheet, with some
useful commands.
Commits on Apr 09, 2011
timmywil IE8 testing for lowercasing the css properties on retrieving style; h…
…ad assumed the style support check failed in IE8, which it now does
timmywil #8150 - When removing the width and height attributes in IE6/7, sett…
…ing to "" actually sets to 0 instead of auto

- Having fixed this automatically with the use of removeAttribute in browsers that support it, this will fix it for IE6/7 as well.

- This has no effect on width/height styles set elsewhere( test added to removeAttr )

- With this addition, I need to call attr in removeAttr for IE6/7, which means boolean calls like .attr("checked", "") will no longer remove the attribute, which I think is fine.  .attr("checked", false) will still remove.  If I had left it, it would have gone in an infinite loop since setting to empty string is the only way to remove it in these browsers.

- The hrefNormalized hooks were returning null if they weren't present.  Added the null check to the getter.

- Now that the style support fails in IE8 as well due to uppercasing everything, no need to have style included with the hrefNormalized hooks
Commits on Apr 10, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes #8814. Clean up inArray. 8c40c00
Alexis Abril Fixes #7328. When getting data- attributes, after-cap any embedded da…
…shes per the W3C HTML5 spec.
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'git_for_dummies' of i…
…nto land-git-readme
@jeresig jeresig Pulling in latest Sizzle. 9ed5c77
timmywil Had some stale code in test/unit/attributes.js da89d87
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'attrhooks.1.6v2' of
…into timmywil-attrhooks.1.6v2

@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'attrhooks.1.6'
timmywil Merge branch 'master' into attrhooks.1.6v2 c10a76e
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'eventprops.1.6final' of
…into rwldrn-eventprops.1.6final

@jeresig jeresig Bringing in the latest Sizzle code. 83dc078
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_2773' of into ti…
@jeresig jeresig Fix formatting. 52f3105
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '2773_find_closest' of
…into timmywil-2773_find_closest

@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'map-object.1.6' of
…into danheberden-map-object.1.6
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_7369' of into ti…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'proxy-native-bind' of int…
…o gf3-proxy-native-bind
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'modest_val_proposal' of
 into timmywil-modest_val_proposal

timmywil Added back support.js test for getSetAttribute and removed some dupli…
…cate code that crept into attributes.js
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'attrhooks.1.6v2' of 92dfb53
timmywil Separate raf function definition from passing it to requestAnimationF…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '8101_lrbabe_requestAnimationFrame' of…
…m/timmywil/jquery into timmywil-8101_lrbabe_requestAnimationFrame

@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790-quick…
Commits on Apr 11, 2011
@robmorgan robmorgan Fixing typos in the file 467747d
@robmorgan robmorgan Adding a full-stop 91d0398
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds _mark and _unmark as a mean to keep track of ongoing non-queued …
…animations in fn.promise.
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge branch 'master' of 4c3aba9
@dmethvin dmethvin Move initialization of event until we determine if anyone wants it. 530c915
@jeresig jeresig Fix broken merge. 6591f6d
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790-quick…
Rick Waldon Ticket #8753 Always set event type explicitly 868e1e2
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790-quick…

timmywil Fix unit tests in firefox 4 and opera 11, passing null or undefined t…
…o indexOf was throwing an error in those browsers
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '8777' of into rwldrn-8777
timmywil Run order problem when running full test suite in Opera 11, removed f…
…ailing test as it passed by itself and there are others just like it
louisremi Group all local functions at the top of the file and add comments 780b798
@dmethvin dmethvin Shave some time off array setup in trigger/handle a5071d4
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790-quick…
louisremi replace cssPropsAware branch 272b8d6
louisremi limit this test to browsers not supporting opacity 6ddc381
louisremi the expected number of assertions shouldn't contain a condition d710442
louisremi Double quote is the new simple quote 930731b
louisremi first batch cccd092
louisremi double quotes, again 581fa82
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '2773_firefox_opera_fix' of…
…jquery into timmywil-2773_firefox_opera_fix
louisremi second batch 11adde5
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge branch 'master' of f6f1cc7
@jaubourg jaubourg Bug fixes in queue.js: type in dequeue could be undefined which lead …
…to a wrong data key, which would then have undesirable data left dangling on elements. Also adds missing semicolon in effects unit.
timmywil retrieving list with getAttribute is fine, no need to add list here a…
Commits on Apr 12, 2011
timmywil Fixes unit/css.js test fail in Safari 5. support.js test was passing …
…erroneously due to the body to which the div was attached having a width of 0
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'attr_remove_list_check' of…
…jquery into timmywil-attr_remove_list_check
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into rob…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_4366' of into jbo…
@azatoth azatoth QUnit test for overriding important css declarations, references #4427 1299e89
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of ea6987e
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into inuk…

@jeresig jeresig Removing un-needed frameElement check as discussed in #8018. Fixes #8…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix_8403' of into lrba…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix_8402' of into lrba…
@jeresig jeresig Some minor code cleanup. 0ff4c69
@jeresig jeresig Revert "QUnit test for overriding important css declarations, referen…
…ces #4427"

This reverts commit 1299e89.


louisremi third batch f42010b
louisremi resolve conflict 8547b34
louisremi merge with master and resolve more conflicts a5604ae
louisremi resolve more conflicts 02e0047
louisremi switch double quotes with single quotes 01a2b51
louisremi revert last commit f19a74f
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket 8099, Reattempt with iframe 7164615
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes #8099 using iframe to capture an element's real default display…
…; suggested by lrbabe/louisremi
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'fix-8790-quick-trigger' of…
…jquery into dmethvin-fix-8790-quick-trigger
@jeresig jeresig Fixing some minor formatting problems. 34adda3
@jeresig jeresig More formatting tweaks. e7787cd
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'Sub_Naming' of into …

@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_7931' of into Xavi-…

@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into jclain…
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of into rjgo…
…tten-master. Also added in unit tests covering the case. Fixes #6180.

John Firebaugh Accessing the 'type' property on VML elements fails on IE. Fixes #7071. 0d8b247
@dmethvin dmethvin Use explicit "new jQuery.Event" to avoid double-function-call overhead. 352715b
timmywil JSLint failed due to function created within for loop 73f9ab6
@dmethvin dmethvin Explicitly set event.type in case we chopped out a namespace or exclu…
…sive flag.
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'fix-8790-quick-trigger'
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes #8099 using iframe to capture an element's real default display…
…; suggested by lrbabe/louisremi
@dmethvin dmethvin Followup to #8753. Modify new Event constructor signature to jQuery.e…
…vent(type, props), which can be exploited by jQuery.event.trigger as well.
timmywil VML.type test was causing multiple test suite fails, fix attributes.j…
…s fail in IE6 where the val(String/Number) tests were interfering with the val(Function) tests
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'jslint_function_in_loop' of…
…/jquery into timmywil-jslint_function_in_loop
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'fix_suite_fails' of
…into timmywil-fix_suite_fails
Commits on Apr 13, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #8635 again (fix was lost in rewrite). Also removes unnecessary…
… "manual" garbage collection.
@jaubourg jaubourg Ensures callback placeholders are tested for and eventually replaced …
…in data only when contentType is application/x-www-form-urlencoded and data is a string. Removes json to jsonp promotion when jsonp or jsonpCallback options are present. Uses new Deferred.always method to bind cleanUp function.
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8099 Conditional iframe approache, caches both iframe and ifr…
…amedoc for reuse
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8099 Updates per review 59240d3
@rwaldron rwaldron Ticket #8099 Performance tweaking, credits a76decc
@jeresig jeresig Updating Sizzle. 42e2026
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of 72ddc8c
Commits on Apr 14, 2011
timmywil Fix test suite fail in IE6/7 on event:undelegate - was failing an if …
…where it shouldn't
timmywil IE9's support for SVG elements unfortunately does not extend to clear…
…Attributes. Checks for its presence before proceeding.
@jboesch jboesch fixing bug 4146 - round 2! e64d3d4
timmywil Adjust the unit tests in traversing - is(jQuery) to avoid long-runnin…
…g script alerts
louisremi Merge branch 'master' of into effects…
louisremi reduce function calls
simplify easing resolution code
+ some code cleanup
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'bug_4146_v2' of into …
@jeresig jeresig Fix formatting of pull 325. Fixes #4146. 84712bd
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch '8099' of Fixes #8099.
timmywil Adds box-sizing check for IE9 inputs and buttons d4b31a1
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6b1 release. 19ceebd
@jeresig jeresig Updating the source version to 1.6pre. 8e1467f
Commits on Apr 15, 2011
timmywil Add support for setting the cellPadding attribute in IE6/7 b6d2159
louisremi - merge master
- move private functions at the bottom
- remove duplicate code
- move more var at the top of their scope
- rewrite a loop to be more efficient
louisremi remove more useless code. feels good. 7666c3e
louisremi typo 7bc8227
@jboesch jboesch revert to old code, bug is invalid c4d0ccc
louisremi undefined should be as good as null here bcc8187
@jboesch jboesch removing regex 35d9425
@sbisbee sbisbee Continuing to map request headers using their name in uppercase for t…
…he index, but we now map to an object with an unmodified name and value: { name: "", value: "" }. This prevents overwriting of the user's supplied headers, which many applications parse with case sensitivity, because we no longer use the modified, uppercase index when building the request.
@sbisbee sbisbee Fixing code styling typo. 4d3cb7d
@jaubourg jaubourg Removes now unnecessary regexp and companion function. Fixes some spa…
…cing issues. Shortens field names.
Commits on Apr 16, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Backing out fix for #6481. ce7b311
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'effectsCleanup' of
…into louisremi-effectsCleanup
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'cellpadding_support' of
 into timmywil-cellpadding_support
@jeresig jeresig Cache references to navigator and location. Fixes #6690. 94ee3e9
Commits on Apr 17, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Allow function to be passed in as a data object to bind and one. Fixe…
…s #6993.
@jeresig jeresig Add in unit tests for #6993. 5d70c6d
@dmethvin dmethvin Follow-up to #8790. Delay the creation of a jQuery.Event until we kno…
…w it will need to be triggered.
timmywil Switch QUnit div from depreceted #main to #qunit-fixture ecf6a3c
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that there isn't an error if no event object exists. Fixes …
@gilmoreorless gilmoreorless Added check for live mouseenter/mouseleave events if bound to nested …
…elements with the same selector. Fixes #5884.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that forms and selects are added to a jQuery set correctly.…
… Fixes #6912.
@jeresig jeresig Make sure that hide or show don't fail when operating on non-Element …
…nodes. Fixes #6135.
timmywil Update QUnit, fix visibility of #dl and pass JSLint in effects.js 68cc3ad
timmywil Merge branch 'qunit_fixture' 3aa4672
timmywil Update Sizzle - qunit-fixture changes 230a50f
Brian Brennan Fix live mouseenter and mouseleave binding so they can be activated b…
…y triggers. Fixes #6514.
@jeresig jeresig Merge branch 'master' of 7a8fac5
@jeresig jeresig Updating UglifyJS. 2786a11
@jeresig jeresig Remove unnecessary usage of Function.prototype.bind (#7783) but maint…
…ain API. Also fix bug with proxy failing when a name is provided. Fixes #8893.
Brian Brennan Fix live mouseenter and mouseleave binding so they can be activated b…
…y triggers. Fixes #6514.
@jeresig jeresig Updating UglifyJS. 2a71493
@jeresig jeresig Remove unnecessary usage of Function.prototype.bind (#7783) but maint…
…ain API. Also fix bug with proxy failing when a name is provided. Fixes #8893.
timmywil Fix value attribute and val for value on button elements. Fixes #1954 34d8070
timmywil Merge branch 'master' of fb5ef2c
@rwaldron rwaldron DRY out #6514 8d37547
Commits on Apr 19, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg (Re) Fixes #8884 in a way that keeps the format of the headers map se…
…nt to transports natural.
timmywil Only use getAttributeNode on buttons when setting value 825d3d9
timmywil Fix test suite fails for hiding text nodes in F4 and IE9. Update for …
timmywil Follow w3c standard for setting the common boolean attributes to the …
…same name(selected, checked, readOnly, and disabled)
Commits on Apr 20, 2011
@jeresig jeresig Updating Sizzle and QUnit. 60cfab3
Commits on Apr 21, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure no unload handler is bound when not in IE. Also simplifies…
… the whole "on unload abort" code. Also avoids the declaration of yet another variables in the jQuery main closure for the temporary XHR used to assess support properties.
timmywil Update Sizzle and QUnit dbe966a
Commits on Apr 22, 2011
timmywil Landing pull request [337](#337). Value of radio inputs resets when t…
…ype is set after the value in all IEs. Fixes #8570 ([bug](
timmywil Landing pull request 332. Appending disconnected radio or checkbox in…
…puts and keeping checked setting Fixes #8060, #8500.

More Details:
 - #332
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of into fix-8790a-quic…
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 340. Adds widows, orphans to cssNumber hash; inc…
…ludes tests. Fixes #8936.

More Details:
 - #340
timmywil Combine the support tests for radioValue and appendChecked 2942be7
timmywil Merge branch 'master' of bc7bb0d
@jeresig jeresig Disabling .add(form.elements) unit test. 9b00827
Commits on Apr 23, 2011
timmywil Switch the form nodeName check in attr to use jQuery.nodeName for con…
@jboesch jboesch Landing pull request 344. using jQuery.nodeName where applicable.
More Details:
 - #344
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
@aFarkas aFarkas dealing with boolean content attribute 9559b1a
@aFarkas aFarkas handle data- and aria- special 83e9ce9
timmywil Add tests data- and aria- attributes and the autofocus boolean attrib…
…ute and some style updates in jQuery.attr
@rwaldron rwaldron No need to test for widows & orphans values in IE6-8. Fixes #8971 86d5d3e
timmywil Merged pull request #345 from rwldrn/8971.
No need to test for widows & orphans values in IE6-8. Fixes #8971
Commits on Apr 26, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron core style guide correction. Fixes #8978 08f52d6
@jaubourg jaubourg Merged pull request #348 from rwldrn/8978. core style guide correction. Fixes #8978
@jeresig jeresig Tagging the 1.6rc1 release. 455edf1