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base fork: jquery/jquery
base: 1.4.3rc1
head fork: jquery/jquery
compare: 1.7.2rc1
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Commits on Sep 30, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Add support for calling outer/inner Width/Height on the window and do…
…cument. Fixes #9434.
Commits on Oct 01, 2011
@gnarf gnarf Landing pull request 525. Fixing tests with qunit.
More Details:
 - #525
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 523. Adds character frequency reporting tool, us…
…e: make freq. Fixes #10372.

More Details:
 - #523
Commits on Oct 02, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg We have too many unctions in this function. 3e0fe5e
Commits on Oct 04, 2011
@shichuan shichuan updated Juriy Zaytsev's detecting event support technique link in sup…
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge pull request #529 from shichuan/master
updated Juriy Zaytsev's detecting event support technique link in support.js
@jaubourg jaubourg isProgressing becomes isPending. Unit tests added. 749d32a
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 530. Fixes coniditional path for tr, td defaultD…
…isplay() calls. Fixes #10416.

More Details:
 - #530
Commits on Oct 05, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #522 from rwldrn/10371
Removes 'subline' from test/index.html. Fixes #10371
Commits on Oct 06, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Rename jQuery.event.propHooks to .fixHooks.
We already have jQuery.propHooks for the .prop() method, so using the same name for unrelated functionality on a sub-namespace is crazy talk. Since the method involved is jQuery.event.fix(), this will hopefully tie them together. Oh, and it's shorter.
@rwaldron rwaldron Style sweep 4fd70e7
@rwaldron rwaldron Additional nits 3999d39
@timmywil timmywil Add a hook for removing contenteditable in IE6/7 and remove the unnec…
…essary jQuery.attrFix. Fixes #10429.
Commits on Oct 07, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #531 from rwldrn/events.js-cleanup
Style sweep
@gnarf gnarf Effects - Allow queue: true - Fixes #10445 1ba0f9c
@timmywil timmywil Minor fix in events; undeclared var from last commit e828d18
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge pull request #535 from gnarf37/queue-true
Effects - Allow queue: true - Fixes #10445
Commits on Oct 11, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10468. Remove jQuery.event.proxy and jQuery.event.guid.
These were deprecated several versions ago and have always been undocumented. Use jQuery.proxy() and jQuery.guid instead.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix focus/blur unit test issues. Reopens #6705.
In the event refactor, I tried to have the focus/blur events trigger the focus/blur plus focusin/focusout events but this doesn't handle various real-world cases that expect a trigger()ed jQuery handler to run and be able to pass data even if the native event shouldn't fire.

This reopens a bug that causes a double-fire of
inline event handlers.
Commits on Oct 12, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Removes isPending and introduces state as a means to retrieve the Def…
…erred/Promise state. Unit tests amended.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fixes #10477. Get `.off(type, null, fn)` right. 6afc2c0
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10478. Replace jQuery.isNaN with jQuery.isNumeric.
Thanks to Christian C. Salvadó for the unit tests!
@gnarf gnarf Squashed commit of the following:
commit af3fd32f207ed080084f10d76f89c07c414baa05
Merge: 83c08ff fdd60f8
Author: Dave Methvin <>
Date:   Tue Oct 11 21:17:56 2011 -0400

    Merge branch 'stop' of into pull-541-stop

commit fdd60f8
Author: Corey Frang <>
Date:   Mon Oct 10 13:51:59 2011 -0500

    .stop( [queue,] clearQueue, gotoEnd )
@timmywil timmywil Leave the opacity test unanchored in case of floating point rounding …
…browser errors; small fix in queue tests. Fixes #5145.
@dmethvin dmethvin Tweak live-blur() test to silence a IE8 swarm fail. 92b06d3
@timmywil timmywil Do not call getElements on a script tag. Avoids unnecessary execution…
…. Fixes #10176.
Commits on Oct 13, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Update sizzle; Add sizzle cache collision iframe test. Fixes #8539. 8723f3b
@timmywil timmywil Run ajax tests in swarm 7bef99e
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10489. Disconnected elements don't bubble to document. 0a3cab8
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7b2 release. 787ef72
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7pre ae6d002
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Use the property name in elem.removeAttribute in IE6/7 to ensure corr…
…ect removals. Fixes #10514.
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Support setting both the enctype attribute and property (encoding in …
…IE6/7). Fixes #6743.
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 560. Further reduce minimal header. Fixes #10553. e1a5d3e
@mikesherov mikesherov Landing pull request 553. Fallback to for disconnected nod…
…es in width/height retrieval. Fixes #8388.

More Details:
 - #553
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Landing pull request 554. #10531: Remove `layerX` and `layerY` Fixes …

More Details:
 - #554
Commits on Oct 23, 2011
@mikesherov mikesherov Landing pull request 561. only check for not null in unit tests. Supp…
…lements #8388.

More Details:
 - #561
@timmywil timmywil Landing pull request 550. IE6,7,8 cannot use cached fragments from un…
…known elems. Fixes #10501.

More Details:
- #550
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes gross indents. 7347007
@timmywil timmywil Merge pull request #563 from rwldrn/fix-spaces
Clean up spacing in manipulation
@dmethvin dmethvin Don't run direct handlers if delegate did .stopPropagation(). 9fabe20
@dmethvin dmethvin Make event.currentTarget the delegate node, always.
This lets us use currentTarget for its intended use and avoids creating a non-standard delegateTarget property.
@dmethvin dmethvin Don't add an empty list of handlers. 470cc07
@dmethvin dmethvin Fold dispatch function into main event dispatch. b208042
@dmethvin dmethvin Make jQuery().off(event) work for delegated events.
Logic to handle detaching by event was in both .off() and jQuery.event.remove; now it's only in .off(). It's a bit of a strange case since the event object (not the jQuery set) specifies the element.
@dmethvin dmethvin Stop global event bubbling using onlyHandlers flag. 560c33b
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10563. Ensure event.currentTarget==this if delegated.
Now, event.delegateTarget is always the element where the event was handled, regardless of whether delegated handlers are attached.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix 10558. Get the right element for checkClone; thanks zhengzongyi! 09c089a
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10567. Make sure quickIs matches correct class name. ee3eb6c
@dmethvin dmethvin Remove attribute match from quickIs
As @timmywil points out, attributes and properties are confused by IE6/7. This commit also reworks the unit test case to do a better job of checking className matches.
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7rc1 release. 8e64b93
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7pre 92f1fff
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10575. Undeclared `matched` var hosed recursive delegate calls.
Thanks davidmurdoch for staying with this bug!
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Core styleguide cleanup. Fixes #10586 a9f1346
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10576. Add alias for jQuery.event.handle so voyeur code still wo…

Between new 1.7 special event hooks and jQuery.event.simulate() we have a much cleaner solution than the people calling jQuery.event.handle are doing, but we shouldn't break their use of this undocumented internal interface for now.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10588. For now, event voyeurism only merits the look of disappro…

If you are using `.data("events")` we would like to know how we can provide a documented interface that satisfies the need.
@jaubourg jaubourg Merge pull request #564 from rwldrn/10586
Core styleguide cleanup. Fixes #10586
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Make sure `.data("events")` still works, for now. c82dbf1
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing. Fixes #10601 9ff4f26
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in core.js. Fixes #10601 da062c5
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in ajax.js. Fixes #10601 bad83b3
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in attributes.js. Fixes #10601 9ea21fa
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in css.js. Fixes #10601 4fb7202
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in effects.js. Fixes #10601 0b4ac1d
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in events.js. Fixes #10601 f0cf49f
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in manipulation.js. Fixes #10601 0804cdf
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in offset.js. Fixes #10601 33e9883
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in outro.js. Fixes #10601 d00e29a
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in queue.js. Fixes #10601 7987545
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in support.js. Fixes #10601 b723d49
@rwaldron rwaldron Cleanup spacing in traversing.js. Fixes #10601 27d099d
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #565 from rwldrn/10601
Cleanup spacing. Fixes #10601
@dmethvin dmethvin Pass correct arg list to special._default. Thanks @mikaelkaron! df4a160
@dmethvin dmethvin DRY the hover pseudo-event, get the type right, allow override.
Now with working unit test for extra correctness! If external code defines a special.hover event, we won't string-hack "hover" into "mouseenter mouseleave".
Commits on Oct 28, 2011
@mikesherov mikesherov Landing pull request 562. Make sure runtimeStyle isn't affected by di…
…mensions. Fixes #9233.

More Details:
 - #562
@timmywil timmywil Add a way to fire native events using dispatchEvent/fireEvent in test…
…init.js; fixes failing click test in FF3.6
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
@gnarf gnarf Renaming 'runner' to 'hooks' - makes it a little more obvious whats h…
@timmywil timmywil Run offset support tests at doc ready. Fixes #10613. 93750ce
@timmywil timmywil Construct a new container so that styles on the body are not affected 299cccd
@timmywil timmywil Reduce bytes and minor adjustments cec4018
@timmywil timmywil ->;…
… Remove jQuery.offset.supportProps and reference support in offset
@timmywil timmywil Merge branch 'bug_10613_2' f8a1f7b
@timmywil timmywil Revert "Landing pull request 530. Fixes coniditional path for tr, td …
…defaultDisplay() calls. Fixes #10416." Fixes #10622.

This reverts commit 22f2e8b.
@timmywil timmywil Pass iframe support tests at doc ready. Fixes support fail in FF7 006fde2
Commits on Nov 01, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Fix a failing effects test in IE; minor style changes in effects 52afe20
@timmywil timmywil Add return in the offset support tests if the body is not present in …
…frameset docs
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7rc2 release. fd15cfd
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7pre 9026688
Commits on Nov 02, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Correct typo in support.js assigning margin-top with cssText. Fixes #…
Commits on Nov 03, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Update the version for building release notes. 3cd6516
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7 release. 47d66ea
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7.1pre 8380e12
Commits on Nov 06, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes jQuery.fragments cache and adds tests. Fixes #10682 92c8404
@dmethvin dmethvin Eliminate spurious error message from `which`.
Some versions of `which` (Cygwin's among them) spit out an error to stderr when not all their args are found. We only expect one of these to be found anyway.
@dmethvin dmethvin Remove forever-alone regexps in event.js
These should have been removed during the event refactor.
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10691. Remove all instances of equals() and same(), as these are…
… deprecated in QUnit.
@dmethvin dmethvin Streamline getComputedStyle per @JustinDrake's observation. 262c32a
@rwaldron rwaldron User internalKey instead of jQuery.expando. Fixes #10675 e086c22
@rwaldron rwaldron Coerce eq() argument all the time. Fixes #10616 7cbd7a6
@berkerpeksag berkerpeksag Chrome 10 slice bug has been fixed; remove workaround. 90c019d
Toby Brain Fix #10177. Pass correct index to function-parameter of `.wrap` 47c605f
@gnarf gnarf Removing a stale line of code in `.data()` 471290d
@matthewmueller matthewmueller Removed irrelevant comment. a211ea2
@JustinDrake JustinDrake It seems the convention is to use `self` for caching `jQuery ( this )…
…` instead of using `$this`.
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #583 from JustinDrake/patch-2
`self` instead of `$this`
Commits on Nov 07, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Since we fixed .is(POS) let's use it and save bytes.
Also, creates a single jQuery object and reuses it in the delegation-test loop to make it more performancy.
@timmywil timmywil Add back unit in the width/height step function. Fixes #10669. 1e677f3
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10701, .preventDefault if an inline handler returns false.
Baby unicorns are slapped each time you use inline handlers, so do it sparingly.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10676. Remove `wheelDelta` from the event props list.
A cross-browser solution is best handled in a plugin such as jquery-mousewheel.js .
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10690. Make sure `.isNumeric()` can't get a `Date`.
Also add tests for custom objects with a `.toString()` method.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10646. Throw an Error object from `.error()` for IE's sake. 8d2655d
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle 9189d7b
@dcherman dcherman Replace .bind with .on when building event aliases 5ba98fe
Commits on Nov 08, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #585 from dcherman/master
Replace .bind with .on when building event aliases
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix busted rnoshimcache. Correctly clone detached unknown elems. Fixe…
…s #10667, #10670.

- \s => |, Removes 4 bytes from gzipped build

- Adds tests for clone attributes, children and events
@timmywil timmywil Comment out an ajax test that exposed a bug in Opera, to appease test…
@timmywil timmywil Remove test of the invalid object for IE9's sake; Rewrite the appropr…
…iate support test for html5 clone caching. Fixes #10682
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle 0ce2d5e
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix ajax to always expect an Error object, per #10646. 586fb05
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge branch 'master' of 95cd200
@timmywil timmywil Refactor clone a bit to only create one clone on any given codepath f0e43fa
@dmethvin dmethvin Catch one more place where a plain-text error was thrown. cc4a999
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle. Adds document to acceptable nodeTypes for .text(). Fix…
…es #10724.
@dmethvin dmethvin Revert "Catch one more place where a plain-text error was thrown."
This reverts commit cc4a999.
@dmethvin dmethvin Take 2 on "Fix ajax to always expect an Error object, per #10646."
We can't use jQuery.error to rethrow anymore since it constructs a new Error from its supposedly-string arg. Also, older IE stringifies Error objects into "[object Error]" so I've loosened the unit test criteria.

This reverts commit 586fb05.
Commits on Nov 09, 2011
@jaubourg jaubourg Have Deferred.always return the object onto which it is currently att…
…ached to enable true chainability. Fixes #10723. Unit tests added.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10717, .trigger("load") on images can't bubble to window.
This means no manually triggered event named "load" can bubble, so avoid that name for delegated custom events.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10712. Deal with focus/blur morphing to focusin/focusout. 39f9b84
Commits on Nov 10, 2011
@dcherman dcherman Removing .unbind in favor of .off in jQuery.ready 654930d
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10705. Don't bail too soon in `.off()` event string processing. dd363d2
@dmethvin dmethvin The special.handle hook is for origType, not the mapped type. e977a85
@timmywil timmywil Move clearing the support vars to before the offset doc ready call in…
… case the offset tests are run synchronously. Fixes #10737.

- Adding a test for this would probably slow the manipulation tests significantly, but it's simple enough.
@dmethvin dmethvin Ensure the hover event doesn't match hovercraft. Witchcraft, maybe. 5ba7f60
Commits on Nov 11, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Avoid collateral damage when removing bindType/delegateType special e…
@mikesherov mikesherov use for loop instead of jQuery.each in getWH() e0a4aa4
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Catch more cases where special events were incorrectly removed.
We can't take the blow-it-all-away shortcut because something in the middle of the list may be a mapped special event. On the bright side, -22!
@dmethvin dmethvin Disable DOM focusin test since it can't really work in the swarm. d2815ed
@dmethvin dmethvin Pre-focus the element so the browser won't fire focus while we're fak…
…ing it.

At this point the unit test is only testing our ability to fake-fire focusin the right way. These machinations are related to the problem in #6705.
@markelog markelog Fix #10773. Improve parameter handling in removeAttr. a467aa0
@gnarf gnarf Ensuring that nulls in private data object won't cause errors on stop…
…() - Fixes #10750
@jrburke jrburke Landing pull request 586. Create exports.js for exporting jQuery to w…
…indow and AMD. Fixes #10687.

More Details:
 - #586
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 600. Remove jQuery.trim() to restore perf. Suppl…
…ements #10773.

More Details:
 - #600
@timmywil timmywil Microoptimization in jQuery.attr and remove the redundancy of return …
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10794. .triggerHandler() should not .preventDefault().
This also provides a resolution for #10699.
@dmethvin dmethvin Allow mapped types to be removed by a namespace-only type name. ca8fc72
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10798. Don't re-bubble trigger()ed events in IE.
Since .trigger() already bubbles the event, we don't have to work around the non-bubbling IE events for that case.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10791. SVG clamors for special treatment of its class names. 780c59b
@timmywil timmywil Fix error in test suite from testElementCrash.html; did not have call…
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10812, let .before() and .after() work on empty collections. dd845a2
@dmethvin dmethvin Use .wrapAll to wrap both text nodes in #10812 so IE9 likey. 0de484d
@timmywil timmywil Remove the invisible body in support; Add temporary tests to verify c…
…orrect support completions for upcoming support changes.
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 604. Updates bind to on in src/ajax.js. Fixes #1…

More Details:
 - #604
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7.1rc1 release. 8485e42
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7.1pre 60e2479
@dmethvin dmethvin Update version. d459bd4
@timmywil timmywil No global vars allowed. Declare 'body' in support. fb94277
@timmywil timmywil Remove rdigit now that it is no longer necessary 1eb1ad6
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10844. Harden quickIs() against form-aliasing of the id property. 8cb065a
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 611. Adds Contributing to jQuery Guidelines sect…
…ion to readme. Fixes #10611.

More Details:
 - #611
@rwaldron rwaldron Landing pull request 581. Updates original patch by Orkel. Fixes #10006. 299bc65
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Update release notes version. dff11c0
@rwaldron rwaldron Ensure all elements are removed from 10006 test block ca08d93
@dmethvin dmethvin Revert "Landing pull request 581. Updates original patch by Orkel. Fi…
…xes #10006."

This reverts commit 299bc65.
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7.1 release. 255460e
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7.2pre d511613
Commits on Dec 06, 2011
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #5571. Setters should treat `undefined` as a no-op and be chainable. 6c2a501
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix #10466. jQuery.param() should treat object-wrapped primitives as …
@rafBM rafBM Refine the jQuery.isWindow check. 0fcfac7
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10754. Have jQuery.swap() return the value of its callback. 2c1d2b1
@rwaldron rwaldron Remove unnec .call( this... from one: function() {}. Fixes #10819 64df670
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10796. Allow IE<9 to retrieve uncomputed styles. 6aa4095
Commits on Dec 07, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Precompute the parts array; clean up a JSLint complaint.
Followup to 6c2a501 for bug #5571.
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10639. Make percent-specified margins return px values in WebKit. 7f6a991
Commits on Dec 09, 2011
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #8498. Add cssHooks[prop].expand for use by animate(). 8f5f1b2
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #10858: CSS regexps recognize non-integer and explicit positive n…
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10692. JSLint is dead! Long live JSHint!
Still needs this sizzle PR: jquery/sizzle#82
@dmethvin dmethvin Two eq is not enough; three eq is more than we want for now.
We also don't need the lint alias.
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10753. Inline evalScript as it's only used in one place 07866a0
@dmethvin dmethvin Pull in sizzle updates for JSHint ae28cfa
Commits on Dec 11, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix Contribution Guides list of links, hopefully easier to notice and…
… read 0_o
Commits on Dec 12, 2011
@timmywil timmywil Merge pull request #633 from rwldrn/contribute
Fix Contribution Guides list of links, hopefully easier to notice and read 0_o
@timmywil timmywil When the width/height computed unit is not pixels, return that instea…
…d. Fixes #10782.

- Reordered some of css.js in preparation for jshint undef.
@timmywil timmywil Use Sizzle.Expr.match.globalPOS for identifying POS selectors in trav…
…ersing. Fixes #10970.
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10984. Use origType when unbinding via the event object. c584ce4
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10961. XRegExp's shimmed .exec() can't handle undefined.
There's no reason to call quickParse if selector is falsy, so it's a minor performance optimization anyway. No change in behavior at all on our side, so no test case needed.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11021. There should be no mangling of the "hover" namespace. 4534db1
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
@rwaldron rwaldron Reformat jshint errors to be readable; make post-compile.js write dir…
…ectly to jquery.min.js; update required Node version
Commits on Jan 12, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #10902. DRY up the ways to include src files in tests. dd90046
@rwaldron rwaldron Improves handling of EOL whitespace error reporting b6a2dfb
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11145: Harden dispatch against a form-aliased "disabled" property 77de76b
@cmc3cn cmc3cn Fix #11119: The curCSS function needs only 2 arguments 491d7e2
@rwaldron rwaldron Adds 'bdi' and 'data' to shim list and test runner. Fixes #11055 d07116a
Commits on Jan 13, 2012
@markelog markelog Fix #10006: Allow .show() to work on detached elements. cc5e8e3
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #10931: Make unit tests work without web access. 6c8dd7e
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix #10978: Let jQuery.param() accept non-native constructed objects. d828996
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix #11130: Don't neglect the data arg when event-map is passed. c0da49f
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov fixes #11048: make sure support tests don't modify the layout of the …
Commits on Jan 20, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #8165: Ignore events bubbling through disabled elements.
Although #6911 fixed the case where was disabled, it missed the case where the target was a sub-element.
@mikesherov mikesherov Add undef:true to JSHint now that it understands hoisting
also add smarttabs:true and fix some smarttabs spacing issues
@timmywil timmywil When stopping a show, save showing end state instead of start state t…
…o fix animation toggling issue. Fixes #10848.
@timmywil timmywil Add unit tests for animation toggling from hide position. Supplements…
… #10848.
@timmywil timmywil Update qunit and sizzle d700f45
@rwaldron rwaldron Adds test to support Sizzle getText patch for document fragments. Fix…
…es #10864.
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
presbrey fix prefilter comment typo 1326510
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11076. If .clone() won't delegate, we must remediate.
Since `jQuery.event.add` can accept a handleObj there's no need to reiterate them as args, but we *do* need to set the `selector` variable correctly.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10878. Clear oldIE special change/submit flags on a clone. c746f79
@mikesherov mikesherov too many undefs. 3f88249
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds unit test to exhibit #10952 6eba066
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #10952 by introducing a real fired flag in the Callbacks closure.
jQuery Size - compared to last make
  250235    (+69) jquery.js
   94225     (+7) jquery.min.js
   33445     (+3) jquery.min.js.gz
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix #11257. Correct path to source files. 0944be0
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #663 from presbrey/patch-1
Fix prefilter comment typo.
@timmywil timmywil Update 8ce91e9
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7.2b1 release. 7a463c0
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.7.2pre 974e4af
Commits on Feb 10, 2012
@sindresorhus sindresorhus Fix #11309. Recognize hexadecimal in data attributes. 96bb57d
@adebree adebree Fix #11291. Always clone XML docs with a genuine .cloneNode(). bf7a4df
@scottgonzalez scottgonzalez Easing: Only use the state to calculate the value. Fixes #11284 - Sim…
…plify easings to only rely on the state.
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix whitespace mismatch introduced in bf7a4df 8db3fb1
Commits on Feb 14, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Merge pull request #679 from rwldrn/fix-ws
Fix whitespace mismatch introduced in bf7a4df
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #10967: jQuery.fn.promise returns provided object 6c2b64d
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov fixes #10901, PHP required for unit tests, but still allow the tests …
…to run
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11370: .siblings() shouldn't throw exception on a detached element a619cb3
@mikesherov mikesherov fixes #10693, generalizes the "test something in an iframe" code when…
… a callback isn't needed
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11359: preserve contents for cloned scripts dec2804
@dmethvin dmethvin Firefox stalls without longer delays.
Not really happy with this, but perhaps Jenkins will be.
@vlazar vlazar Fix #11337. Properly calculate $.support.reliableMarginRight. 1c35f38
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #7986. $.support.boxModel shan't be fooled by page-level CSS. a52391a
Commits on Mar 02, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11415: Stop non-negative prop undershoot on animation.
This doesn't fix *all* of them (see the ticket for a supposedly complete list) but these were already handy so it was relatively cheap to fix them. If you need others fixed, add a custom step function as was done here. Thanks @scott_gonzalez!
@mikesherov mikesherov Fixes #10828, .attr("coords") returns undefined in IE7 da02e19
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #3838, $(document).height() incorrect in IE6
May still be broken in Netscape Navigator 4.
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix #11356. Avoid hoarding elements in DocumentFragments. 1ff284d
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix #11323. Consistently use rscriptType in jQuery.clean() f0732c1
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens Fix #11316. Find valHooks first by element type, then by nodeName.
Reverses the previous search order.
@sindresorhus sindresorhus Fix #11217. WebKit clone() loses check if name follows checked attrib…

Please folks, hold your questions. We don't explain em, we just fix em.
Commits on Mar 03, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov Followup for #7986 to fix a botched merge.
Okay, Jenkins, you were right this time.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix frequent Firefox failures -- force longer timeouts. 8013163
Commits on Mar 05, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Do not set boolean attributes to empty string on removal. Fixes #1087…
…0. +0 bytes compressed
Commits on Mar 06, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Add more delay to the "halfway" tests for non-focused cases.
When the browser window isn't visible, setTimeouts have 1-second granularity.
@rwaldron rwaldron Guard against exceptions when clearing safeChildNodes.
Supplements #11356 and fixes unit test failures in FF 3.6.
Commits on Mar 07, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11049. Let bubbling submit be cancellable in oldIE. 92a92be
@jaubourg jaubourg No more php/js logic duplication. Ensures modules are still loaded se…
…parately when using "file:" protocol (makes debugging much easier, /kiss @rwaldron). Ensures test iframes will use the same jquery as specified in the main document. Known issue: chrome will cringe at cross-frame access using file: protocol, apparently chrome sees this as cross-domain... go figure.
@jaubourg jaubourg Not testing his code properly makes Julian a silly coder. 014b2a5
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #11426: getting the responseText of an xhr should be tried/caug…
…ht because of IE's inability to give access to binary data. Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #11264 or rather seriously limits the risk of global ajaxSettin…
…gs screwing with script loading in domManip. Gotta love globals and sneaky dependencies. Unit test added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Fixes #4624... 3 years later, people! bd56456
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes parseXML act like parseJSON when given an empty or non-string i…
…nput: now returns null rather than throwing an exception. Incidently fixes #10527. Unit tests added.
@jaubourg jaubourg Prevents firefox from hanging on the test (could it be that firefox p…
…asses the delay to start?).
@jaubourg jaubourg Makes sure start is always called with default context and no argumen…
…ts. Should stop FF from acting up. Hopefully, this ugly patch can be removed in the future.
@dmethvin dmethvin Revert "No more php/js logic duplication..." on a hunch.
TestSwarm hasn't been happy since this commit, and everyone deserves to be happy.

This reverts commit 318d47b.
Commits on Mar 09, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.7.2rc1 release. 968e750