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Commits on May 30, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Uncomment an old test for when the tabindex attrhook was deprecated f633c7f
@timmywil timmywil Adjust the return type for the tabindex attribute tests to be a strin…
…g. Recomment a tabindex test since FF12's QSA includes video elements that don't have a tabindex attribute.

Commits on May 31, 2012
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11787: Remove jQuery.curCSS, closes gh-801. 2d37b6c
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11743: Don't mask script errors in jQuery.ajax, closes gh-795. 7428729
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #11724, $(document).height() in Firefox 12. Closes gh-802.
This reopens #3838 for IE6 which is a regression on a fix in 1.7.2, but we'd rather break a really old IE than a really recent Firefox.
@rwaldron rwaldron Removes temp var, shaves 2 bytes from gzipped size 1442bf9
Commits on Jun 01, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov No need to dasherize and use getPropertyValue, closes gh-805.
All invocations of curCSS are already camelcased. See the PR for discussion.
Commits on Jun 03, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Space => tab indent correction 9a3046c
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Strips IIFEs from modules; Always require built jQuery for tests. 7c23b77
@rwaldron rwaldron Take out the papers and the trash (from build/) 36623de
@rwaldron rwaldron Make readme instructions bold and hopefully easier to spot 81c7b83
@timmywil timmywil Relativize all urls pertaining to dist/jquery.js so users can run the…
…ir server from any file location; Make sure Sizzle is available for its tests in testrunner.
Commits on Jun 05, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Create special "grunt watch" task called "dev"
"dev" is a short task list that's optimized for grunt watch's high run rate frequency

Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron Adds "grunt submodules" docs to readme, removes old make command docs
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron Don't create "*" dir when "grunt dist" is run without explicit destin…
…ation dir. (thanks @timmywil)

Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron Allow users to store custom dist destinations in dist/.destination.json
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@mikesherov mikesherov Make dimensions modular, adds optional build flag. Fixes #11856 3225d61
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix busted tests that relied on width in 2nd param to jQuery(), dimen…
…sions stays modular. (core, attributes, offset)

Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
Commits on Jun 06, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov Fixe dimensions tests. No core code changes. Supplements #11856 4dcd7dd
@rwaldron rwaldron Ensure both height and width port functions exist before attempting t…
…o run dimensions tests.

Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron Rough draft of version=min test capabilities reintroduced.
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron Conditionally run height/width in iframeTest 5d25f78
@mikesherov mikesherov Less letterSpacing .animate() fail in IE. Fixes #8627 b9b87d5
Commits on Jun 07, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes two typos d487b06
@rwaldron rwaldron Remove unnecessary haunted house guards.
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@mikesherov mikesherov Don't swap to measure dimensions unless the element is display:none. #…
…807 Fixes #11293
@mikesherov mikesherov Modularize offset (exclude w/ grunt build:*:*:-offset). Closes #813. …
…Fixes #11865
@rwaldron rwaldron Make custom dist example less OSX specific 9fb3c01
@rwaldron rwaldron Remove bold style from command examples 84da169
@rwaldron rwaldron Make readme code examples consistent; Update to use GH syntax fences 3b2d2b0
@rwaldron rwaldron Make exclusion list less confusing to read a86ed30
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Grunt: Update testswarm task to use more config properties. Already d…
…eployed on Jenkins server
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix IE6 failures from forgotten shrinkWrapBlocks, closes gh-815 1bb1432
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #11857. Modularize css.js, add dependency management. Closes gh-816.
See the pull request for more info on the dependency management details.
@jaubourg jaubourg Some work to modularize ajax later on. ac48a19
@jaubourg jaubourg Modularize ajax (and sub-modules).
Tests are guaranteed to run with ajax removed, not with just ajax/jsonp, ajax/script or ajax/xhr removed.
Removing ajax saves 3982 bytes minified gzipped.
@dmethvin dmethvin Update QUnit so IE will pass unit tests.
Normally we'd want to stay with an official release, but we need 1604af735af117fff3ee7589c611c04f665ac169 so that QUnit will not yell about errors encountered bduring `globalEval`.
@jaubourg jaubourg We don't have IE9 supports grid yet, completely didn't see this while…
… refactoring.
@gibson042 gibson042 Shrink support.js, closes gh-818 1ac1558
@dmethvin dmethvin Prevent total unit test meltdown ... and now over to @jaubourg! 142ff73
@jefferyto jefferyto Fix #8109, percent animations; fix #11854, wrong this, close gh-808 8017683
@jaubourg jaubourg Here is hoping everything works with the full build and the build wit…
…hout ajax... looking at you @dmethvin ;)
@Krinkle Krinkle Test: Set testswarm.runMax from config file 6af0bcc
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10589. Remove deprecated $"events") special case.
No unit tests were harmed in the removal of this hack.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11328. I've never metaKey I liked on IE 6/7/8.
The `event.metaKey` property is undefined there so we ensure it's set to `false` for lack of a better default. The `originalEvent.metaKey` property is untouched if you prefer to make other guesses about the platform or key state.

This is pretty much impossible to unit test since it is not only platform dependendent but also only executed for native browser events.
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix regression for "-200px" in animations; closes gh-822.
Also removes fake IIFEs ffrom effects.
@Krinkle Krinkle Test: Remove unused file "include_js.php", closes gh-820. 8493037
@mikesherov mikesherov Check animation is close instead of exact, closes gh-823. 934a2a7
@dmethvin dmethvin Run the `dist` task *after* minifying so we copy the new one. 6a7f249
@dmethvin dmethvin Tweak test for #11743 in an attempt to placate Jenkins.
I can't get the current test to fail locally or in Browserstack, but suspect it may have something to do with badjson.js.
@jaubourg jaubourg Adds ajax to the list of optional modules. 5019277
@kborchers kborchers Fix typo in README 47298a7
@rwaldron rwaldron Simplify the terminal command args syntax for custom builds. Update R…
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix args translation example in gruntfile comments 9c9bc5a
Commits on Jun 13, 2012
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Update QUnit to v1.8.0 7c16273
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Grunt: Update testswarm task to use new module filter, reduces duplic…
…ation when running, should speed things up
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Add necessary test html from Sizzle tests; Add an easy way to turn of…
…f QSA in tests
@scottgonzalez scottgonzalez Use QUnit's URL configs to simplify custom configuration. Closes gh-827 a7430df
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Update version in package.json to reflect current version and make -g…
…it builds slighlty more useful
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle. Fixes #11109. 8763bec
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: Removes an unnecessary link in the test suite 75bed12
Commits on Jun 16, 2012
@dcherman dcherman Fix #11905, correct package.json license URLs, closes gh-826. 46d6804
@gibson042 gibson042 Interim take on cross-module variables, closes gh-817. a101e81
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #9505, percentage position values in Webkit, closes gh-825. 0b352f6
@private-face private-face Fix #11566, allow appending to DocumentFragment, closes gh-814. 9c28a32
@sindresorhus sindresorhus Fix #11231, (append|prepend|before|after) w/ array of jQuery objects.
Closes gh-666, thanks to @rkatic!
@dmethvin dmethvin Ensure that IE stays in Big Boy mode.
Although we use a lot of iframes in the test, the IE document mode is set by the parent document so we just need a single X-UA-Compatible in the main file.
Commits on Jun 17, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: rewrite attributes handling to be simpler and more wid…
…espread when independent from jQuery. No changes to jQuery's attribute handling.
Commits on Jun 18, 2012
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Grunt: Include commit in header if passed as ENV arg, mostly for Jenkins ab542c1
@rwaldron rwaldron Update document.defaultView.getComputedStyle. Fixes #10373 f7ee1f6
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix comment block indents
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@dmethvin dmethvin Browser sniffing is *bad*, folks, even in unit tests. 90a6a49
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes typo in comment c31a5ee
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle 5c37506
@dmethvin dmethvin Detect IE collapsing body margin directly rather than inferring it. c18f1f1
Commits on Jun 19, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Move quickIs to Sizzle; Remove duplicate id matching in init; Added s…
…elector caching to Sizzle. Fixes #11826.
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle 2e5d645
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: adds selector divisions for element-rooted QSA in the …
…Dupont strategy. Fixes #11814.
@timmywil timmywil Fixes test fails in traversing and event fcd6ea8
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: fixes a bug dealing with backslashes in selectors. Fix…
…es #10270.
@timmywil timmywil When detecting html in init, ignore html characters within quotes, br…
…ackets, and parens as well as escaped characters which are valid in selectors. Fixes #11290.
@fat fat Adds post-install grunt hook 286c4d9
Commits on Jun 20, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Adjust jQuery('html') detection to only match when html starts with '…
…<' (counting space characters). Fixes #11290
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: performance testing and changes for optimization. Adds…
… back matchesSelector.
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: minor fix for matchesSelector usage in FF<12 c8d5734
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: fixes test fails in selector module in IE9/Opera f3515b7
Commits on Jun 21, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Actually omit files that are specified. Fixes #11943
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@timmywil timmywil Revert "Adjust jQuery('html') detection to only match when html start…
…s with '<' (counting space characters). Fixes #11290"

This reverts commit 239fc86.

The consensus is that this would change behavior too abruptly. We will warn in 1.8 and do this in 1.9.
@timmywil timmywil Restore rhtmlString to its original form. 1.9 will come with starts-w…
…ith html matching. For now, we are warning against broad use of jQuery() to parse html.
@gibson042 gibson042 Close GH-829: no ticket: smaller jQuery.ready. 6650146
@rwaldron rwaldron Unit tests are linted and passing. 7ff3da1
@timmywil timmywil Add parseHTML for explicitly parsing strings into html. Fixes #11617. e2497c6
@timmywil timmywil Do jQuery.trim in less bytes (-5). 26bdbb8
@rwaldron rwaldron Removes scripts:postinstall from package.json, see: 286c4d9 d5658e9
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11757. IE 6/7 can't clean up circular DOM-JS refs.
Why? Because it's dumb. Verified with the case in the ticket.
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.8b1 release. 2236c55
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.8pre. d2b0c60
@Krinkle Krinkle Fix #11925, Pass eventHandle to special.teardown. Closes gh-831.
* Added unit test to confirm.
  The third assertion fails without the fix in ./src/event.js
@gnarf gnarf Fix #11797. Use Deferred for better animation callbacks. Closes gh-830.
In particular, an animation stopped with `gotoEnd` will be rejected.
@dmethvin dmethvin Add a semicolon in unit test; this pull predated lint mandate. 4df3aae
Commits on Jun 23, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Make removeClass smart enough to remove duplicates. Fixes #11923 3206be8
@rwaldron rwaldron Make @VERSION replace regex global. Fixes #11960 d4b5a19
Commits on Jun 24, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Add grunt with lint to Sizzle b471471
Commits on Jun 25, 2012
@rwaldron rwaldron Adds src/deprecated.js, test/unit/deprecated.js; -deprecated flag; Mo…
…ves jQuery.browser and removes use in test/unit/ajax.js. Fixes #11965
@gnarf gnarf Completes #11799: Maybe .progress() was cooler than I thought.
Generate a .progress() for each step of an animation, once all properties are changed. Closes gh-835.
@rwaldron rwaldron Adds .jshintrc files for: grunt (default set), src, tests; Adapts jQu…
…ery-UI loading method
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: Removes directory caching in dirCheck. Fixes #11966. 375c44d
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #10895. Reduce IE poll interval to save CPU time. 9cbe375
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes broken grunt watch task. babf815
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes broken grunt watch task. Part 2 7a9b57a
@gibson042 gibson042 Clear elements to avoid leaking memory. Close gh-837. Fixes #11809 b6d0273
@timmywil timmywil Allow document to be passed to Sizzle.contains. Fixes #11539. eecd8ae
@timmywil timmywil Update copyright years for jQuery and Sizzle 53eb230
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11969. Never a null moment when checking siblings. cde4c32
@rwaldron rwaldron As it turns out, we won't need the 'main' entry in package.json 3c86547
Commits on Jun 27, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: reduced size. Add Sizzle's utilities.js to unit tests ad22218
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11315. Selector for .on() is relative to delegateTarget.
This fixes a regresssion from 1.6.4. Be aware that nearly every place that this bug comes into play, the selector in use is incredibly inefficient.
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11382. #11764. Only prevent click events on disabled elements.
We don't want a disabled link/button to register delegated clicks, but we do want events like mouseover or custom events.

This is a compromise, there is no perfect solution. Well, the browsers could be consistent about direct vs. delegated events but *that's* not gonna happen.
Commits on Jun 28, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: typo 7cf927c
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: Size optimizations from gibson 304eebb
Commits on Jun 29, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov stop using reserved words as argument names a69fbba
Commits on Jun 30, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Move jQuery.sub to deprecated.js, because it is. 672701a
@rwaldron rwaldron Fix typo in grunt lint:tests
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron Use ~ to hold grunt at 0.3.9 f18b759
Commits on Jul 02, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Add back ID shortcut. It's about 3 times faster than going through jQ…
…uery.fn.find and merging.
@timmywil timmywil UPDATE SIZZLE: completed rewrite for better things!
Remove reverse in traversing for comma selectors. Sizzle's handling of commas is now more consistent.
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: minor adjustments and a small fix in the child selector regex 800f47a
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: add cross-browser w3c whitespace rules; pseudo generation adj…
Commits on Jul 03, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Use value rather than nodeValue in attributes (it's the string versio…
…n). Update sizzle: default attribute handling.
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fix multiple nested pseudos. Fixes #7010. accb3c4
@timmywil timmywil Update sizzle: fixes fail in traversing with :has selector 26f88d3
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: space combinator update 5c200cf
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: adds caching to combinators cdae747
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: fixes a small bug in class matching d8db54a
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: exposed compile function for external use. maxCacheLen…
…gth can be adjusted.
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: Caching system respects DOM changes between uses of th…
…e same selector
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: detects a buggy getElementsByName. Fixes #10799. b325f71
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: maxCacheLength -> cacheLength d7372b1
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: removes makeArray and uses native push/slice where ava…
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: small regex fix cef4161
Commits on Jul 04, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Avoid running problematic static offset tests in IE8 on the swarm. 5c60e33
@dmethvin dmethvin Ever notice that static and problematic rhyme? 703f274
@dmethvin dmethvin Update copyright to jQuery Foundation. f661b9e
@gibson042 gibson042 Update Sizzle: better compression 7f81780
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle docs and README updates 9a40b18
Commits on Jul 05, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: pseudo-classes should be case-insensitive 3dc77c4
@ChadKillingsworth ChadKillingsworth Make unit tests friendly to Closure Compiler. Closes gh-845.
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: adjusted POS handling; attribute names should be case-…
…insensitive; dir cache performance tweak
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: removes qunit and adds .gitignore 1e02761
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #12026. Let props in $(html, props) be any jQuery.fn method.
Closes gh-839.
@dmethvin dmethvin Remove more attrFn vestiges from events. 86b775d
Commits on Jul 06, 2012
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11971: force numeric animation start to be numeric, closes gh-836. 1793eab
@mikesherov mikesherov Stop using reserved words as argument names, closes gh-841. 7532bd7
@gibson042 gibson042 DRY out removeData/cleanData, closes gh-838. f8baea8
@markelog markelog Optimization of array operations, closes gh-844. 05aff40
@nowres nowres Fix #8482, offsetParent should not return null. Closes gh-847. aaf134b
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #12018, readyState "interactive" in oldIE lies! Closes gh-848. f5fd412
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: improved dir caching 00d1603
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: minor change 3f579f3
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: fixes UI tests 115fc4c
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: adds createPseudo method on Sizzle.selectors for easil…
…y creating pseudos with the new compiler
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: adds a test for a previously problematic selector c8e8d90
@davidben davidben Fix #11249. Inline styles anger Content Security Policy. dc83072
Commits on Jul 09, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle added standalone AMD support 0b06932
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: added EXPOSE comment 7fae98c
@rwaldron rwaldron Update grunt:selector task to handle new Sizzle EXPOSE block 4a90bce
@rwaldron rwaldron Fixes indentation in grunt.js e0d77fa
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: fixes author of a previous commit f30f773
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
@mikesherov mikesherov Follow the style guide, lose 72 bytes! Closes gh-840. 8f01b92
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: compress/edge case pull from gibson and a fix :not/:ha…
…s with spaces
@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #11971 unit test in browsers lacking backgroundPositionX.
Closes gh-850.
@antishok antishok Fix #11962. Standardize getter return values for empty sets. 21b0db7
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: fixes an issue with an escape character in the id of a…
… context
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fix failing test in IE: malformed HTML b6cb4b4
@antishok antishok Fix #10517. before() and after() on disconnected node should return m…
…ultiple nodes. Closes gh-851.
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: necessary changes for Advanced Closure compiler support 5bfded1
@timmywil timmywil Adjust jshint options to pass with closure 'sub' changes 1f483f3
@dmethvin dmethvin You can't hurry tests, no, you just have to wait.
The 100ms here is just too fast and flakey, it causes random fails in swarmy runs.
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.8b2 release. a7df439
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.8pre 6623800
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Remove a few stray spaces in unit tests. 335bdf2
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens README: Add to the full list of optional modules. Closes gh-855 d8f9dec
@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens README: Adds missing commands to setup instructions. Closes gh-854 c210e08
@faulkner faulkner Fixes a variety of typographical problems. Closes gh-853 7b5ffcd
@gnarf gnarf grunt custom saves minified version automattically. Close gh-856, Fix…
…es #12059
@gibson042 gibson042 Wontfix #10791: please use "[class=foo]" with SVG elements d67c2fd
@dmethvin dmethvin Update Sizzle; Closes #12054, #12057. 0bde43a
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11547. toLowerCase not work good on XML attributes.
This was fixed to some extent in gh-724 but there were insufficient test cases. Removing the lowercase completely allows IE 6/7 to work properly since there you need an exact case match for attributes, even in HTML docs. More discussion and test cases in the comments on gh-724.
@dmethvin dmethvin Update Sizzle to fix oldIE erroneous getAttribute invokification. db4d122
@gibson042 gibson042 Followup on #10791: "[class~=foo]" is better. Closes gh-858. 60e2494
@dmethvin dmethvin Update to QUnit 1.9.0 8f1f88a
@dmethvin dmethvin Image location is relative to css file, not html file. 2d09e9a
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #11397. Shush Firefox warning by re-breaking #6932 for BB 4.7.
At this point BlackBerry 4.7 (and related ancient browsers) should be scarce (released circa 2008) so #6932 will be closed wontfix for this edge case.
@dmethvin dmethvin Revert "Fix #11397. Shush Firefox warning by re-breaking #6932 for BB…
… 4.7."

This reverts commit e866893.

Failures in IE6 when this is removed, unfortunately.
Commits on Jul 13, 2012
@jaubourg jaubourg Extracts the serialization code from the ajax module so that alternat…
…ive ajax implementations can use it without the need for the whole ajax module to be included in the build.
@gnarf gnarf Push serialize module to swarm /cc @jaubourg 0d90065
Commits on Jul 18, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Update Sizzle to fix #12082, #12087. f70a696
Commits on Jul 20, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Let subproject tests use their own test fixture. Closes gh-867. 3016872
@gnarf gnarf Fix the logic to set overflow:hidden on width & height animations - F…
…ixes #12117 - Closes gh-869
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
@gibson042 gibson042 Really support subproject tests in testswarm, closes gh-868 ff7a434
@mikesherov mikesherov Fix #12088, Safari 5 and more percentages in getComputedStyle
In particular, min-width and max-width are taunting the awesome hack. Closes gh-865.
@gnarf gnarf Fix #9217. oldIE error when changing detached elements, close gh-861 74cc5b0
@gibson042 gibson042 Clean up regexen; use common regex for numbers. Close gh-862. c14a6b3
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: Minor edits and fixes #10762. a08a18b
@gibson042 gibson042 Support event delegation with relative selectors. Fixes #10762. Closes e761e0c
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle 09fc2c5
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fix issue with adjusting the context on relative combinators …
…in element-rooted qSA
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fixes test fails in IE6/7 3adc59e
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle 91dfb28
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@elijahmanor elijahmanor Fix #12132. IE10 dislikes detached object elements. Close gh-870. 0779878
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Add grunt-git-authors task. 717cb2a
@dmethvin dmethvin Initial commit of AUTHORS.txt file. fffd232
@danielchatfield danielchatfield Fix #12127. IE9/10 checks fall off the box on clone. Close gh-873. 569d064
@mikesherov mikesherov Followup #12018, fix a test fail converting to pixels. Close gh-874. da4d609
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #7579. Don't convert to number if it changes the string. Close gh…

Net effect here is that hex numbers and most exponential-format numbers or long sequences of digits will remain strings rather than being coerced to numbers. `The people have spoken.
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: attribute values regex tweak ad5fba7
@timmywil timmywil Update Sizzle: minor consolidation 647b772
@dmethvin dmethvin Loosen the ajax statusText check so Safari AND Chrome pass. bc07ae8
@dmethvin dmethvin Revert "Fix #12127. IE9/10 checks fall off the box on clone. Close gh…

This reverts commit 569d064.

Causing test fails in Safari, IE6, and IE7.
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fixes issue with :empty pseudo and comment nodes 2e42f06
@dmethvin dmethvin Remove IE8 testswarm hacks for offset. 3478cbb
@timmywil timmywil Fail silently if closest is somehow called on a document. Fixes #10726. 17a26f5
@timmywil timmywil Remove unnecessary else 0f14c53
@gnarf gnarf Trying to repair a unit 81432c8
@gnarf gnarf This should repair the unit f0432d5
@gnarf gnarf Oops, didn't mean to revert sizzle last time d00048e
@markelog markelog Moves isHidden to src/css.js and re-introduces its use. No ticket. Cl…
…oses gh-876
Commits on Jul 26, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #12148. Let .toggle() call the public .hide() for punching.
There is a slightly shorter way to do this but it's not Closure-friendly.
@dmethvin dmethvin Give .stop() queue animations more leeway for Stutterin' Swarmy.
This test sometimes fails with only 2 animations left in the queue, so this extends the first animation in case we're running afoul of the one-second rule for background windows.
@dmethvin dmethvin Unbreak isHidden args, they're needed by the .filter() call. cc6c014
@dmethvin dmethvin Pull in unit tests from gh-877, thanks @orkel! a475f1a
@danielchatfield danielchatfield Fix #12127, fer real. IE9/10 check state on clone. Close gh-875. 155855b
@gnarf gnarf Adding a check for double progress call in effects units 0a1be43
@dmethvin dmethvin Per @gibson042, don't need .documentElement since Sizzle handles. 14f67a9
Commits on Jul 27, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.8rc1 release. e02e61c
@dmethvin dmethvin Updating the source version to 1.8pre d71b8b2
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: adjust pseudos regex. Fixes #12153. f6f25ef
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fix a small bug with combinator cache. Fixes #10499. 4039d36
@timmywil timmywil Fix a regression where has with multiple contexts was not filtering c…
…orrectly. Test added.
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Quote reserved keyword 'throws' to satisfy yui compressor. Fixes #12158. beeab4d
Commits on Aug 06, 2012
@gnarf gnarf Fixes #1034 - Check for style.removeAttribute before calling it
Fixes issue in non IE browsers that happen to come down this path
Commits on Aug 07, 2012
@timmywil timmywil Sizzle: fix chaining pseudo selectors placed after pos selectors. Fix…
…es #12208.
@dmethvin dmethvin Add back a sacrificial $.attrFn object.
Originally removed in 86b775d as part of the enhancement that allows $(html, props) to use any $.fn method.

Although $.attrFn is undocumented it appears to be a poorly kept secret. jQuery Mobile 1.1 is using it and it's the topic of several blog/StackOverflow posts. Leave an empty object here as a dumpster for now, but it's coming out for good in 1.9.
Commits on Aug 08, 2012
@dmethvin dmethvin Fix #12203. .undelegate() should not remove direcly bound events. 1d8bf0a
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@gibson042 gibson042 No ticket: fix failure from zero-assertion test generating a second e…
…mpty OL element. Closes gh-888
@dmethvin dmethvin Update to use just the MIT license; copiers can still use GPL. 5e90636
@dmethvin dmethvin Finish the license changes, including Sizzle. 060eabc
@dmethvin dmethvin Update release script; use package.json as the One True Version. d308531
@dmethvin dmethvin Tagging the 1.8.0 release. 95559f5
@timmywil timmywil Include distribution in release tag a0a3e5e