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Originally reported by Bergi at:

Both current versions ( 2.1.1,  1.11.1) have syntactic errors in their minified distribution files which prevents compilation in strict mode. Try to execute them when prefixed by "use strict":

Syntax error: FunctionDeclaration in Statement context

(If you're not sure what that means, have a look at  this StackOverflow question).

I'm not familiar with the build process, this might either be a bug in the minifier, or wrong usage of the minifier, or some problems with the custom build process of jQuery. If it's not your fault, please file an upstream bug with the used minifier.


I encountered this too.


jQuery isn't meant to be run with "use strict" in effect. See the comment at the top of the unminified file for the reason, or look at for more information. You are not gaining anything by attempting to force jQuery into strict mode against its will, doing so prevents interoperability with any third-party libraries that are not use-strict compatible.


Thanks for the explanation! I guess you can close this issue as wontfix.

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Allow to specify includeFile position. #4419

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