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updated Grunt to 0.4.1 (needed for node 0.10.0 compatibility) #1202

wants to merge 2 commits into from

3 participants


Also, updated some other dependencies (there were some now not needed rc versions required).


Whoa awesome! I'm falling a bit behind on the pulls but can get to this tomorrow if nobody beats me to it.


It might be useful to update other deps, too. I'm looking into it.

One problem with updating grunt-contrib-jshint to 0.2.0 is that it then complains about assignments where expression is expected and there are 5 such places in jQuery code (like return ( elem[ name ] = value ); etc.)


Is there an option for that?


The boss option should do it; at least it works with jsHint 1.1.0 but it's not used in grunt-contrib-jshint 0.2.0 yet. I'm trying to make .jshintrc forward-compatible anyway so it'll be easier to switch once grunt-contrib-jshint gets the updated jsHint.

There's one problem I can't get rid of - current .jshintrc has noempty: true but the codebase has 2 places not conforming to that; one in Sizzle, one in traversing; they're whiles with empty blocks. There are 2 options only: either to stop hacking while or to change noempty to false. It seems the option is not recognized at all by current grunt-contrib-jshint because it would throw errors otherwise.


One more problem: the latedef: true entry. It fails for current Sizzle since, for example, it uses the function named createCache in three places before its definition.


I created pull request resolving most of these problems: #1203


I think my current patch in pull request #1203 is ready to merge; however, this one is more important due to node breakage with current grunt.

@rwaldron rwaldron closed this in c5fc953
@mzgol mzgol deleted the mzgol:grunt branch
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  1. +4 −4 package.json
8 package.json
@@ -24,12 +24,12 @@
"dependencies": {},
"devDependencies": {
"grunt-compare-size": "~0.4.0",
- "grunt-git-authors": "1.0.0",
+ "grunt-git-authors": "1.2.0",
"grunt-update-submodules": "0.2.0",
- "grunt-contrib-watch": "0.1.4",
+ "grunt-contrib-watch": "0.3.1",
"grunt-contrib-jshint": "0.1.1rc6",
- "grunt-contrib-uglify": "0.1.1rc6",
- "grunt": "0.4.0rc5",
+ "grunt-contrib-uglify": "0.1.2",
+ "grunt": "0.4.1",
"testswarm": "0.2.2"
"keywords": []
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