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Removes unused hasOwn var declaration. Fixes #9510 #404

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Rick Waldron Timmy Willison Mike Sherov
Rick Waldron

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Mike Sherov

This file, events.js has a whole bunch of other stylistic issues, including but not limited to, multiple vat declarations per function, var declarations in loops, unused variables, and whitespacing. I assume it hasn't really been touched in a bit?


yeah bro.. It's on the rewrite list for 1.7 - Dave Methvin has some great plans for cleaning this up


Cool. Just curious, is that on the bug tracker, or listed somewhere? I was going to start doing that cleanup myself, and I would rather work on something that one of the core members isn't. Thanks again!


Dave Methvin is doing the major re-write tasks - the man has a plan! :D

Timmy Willison

Landed in commit c3c001c.

Timmy Willison timmywil closed this June 06, 2011
Sara Chipps SaraJo referenced this pull request October 29, 2011

Patch for ticket #9830 #567

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Jun 03, 2011
Rick Waldron Removes unused hasOwn var declaration. Fixes #9510 821deda
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  1. 3  src/event.js
3  src/event.js
... ...
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
1 1
 (function( jQuery ) {
2 2
-var hasOwn = Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty,
-	rnamespaces = /\.(.*)$/,
+var rnamespaces = /\.(.*)$/,
5 4
 	rformElems = /^(?:textarea|input|select)$/i,
6 5
 	rperiod = /\./g,
7 6
 	rspaces = / /g,

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