Fix #12584: don't ignore disabled property of select-one options after form reset #932

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Sizes - compared to master @ 6ad4a0e

    265231      (-108)  dist/jquery.js                                         
     93498       (-33)  dist/jquery.min.js                                     
     33455        (-3)  dist/jquery.min.js.gz
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The logic changes above preserve the IE6 bug fix, but I'm concerned we'll not realize that nothing that convoluted is required once we drop oldIE support. Really, if we didn't need this bug fix we could just drop this block of code and #12584 would be fixed as a result. So we'll want to end up back at that in jQuery 2.0. Thoughts on how we could do that?

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That describes a general issue (already present in much of our source), and at the simplest level it's addressed by mentioning oldIE in the comments to highlight a block that can be improved in 2.0. @mikesherov's concept of explicitly and formally tracking environment-specific logic would be a godsend here. Code coverage analysis would be even more rigorous, and hopefully we'll get that. Regardless, I expect that much of the 2.x trajectory will be removing code as we discover it to be unnecessary for supported environments.

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@gibson042, yes, I just had a ticket that I closed as wontfix as it was just too much to do under the scope of one ticket, but I assume that'll be the MAIN exercise for the work we need to do for 2.0: identify oldIE code paths!

@dmethvin dmethvin closed this in 425d17d Oct 4, 2012
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@gibson042 gibson042 Fix #12583: Don't ignore disabled property of select-one, close gh-932. 19be4c1
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