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ajax Fixes a variety of typographical problems. Closes gh-853
sizzle @ 41a7c2c Sizzle: removes nth-child cache
.jshintrc Adjust jshint options to pass with closure 'sub' changes
ajax.js Fix #12229, size/consistency improvements. Close gh-887.
attributes.js Fix #12229, size/consistency improvements. Close gh-887.
callbacks.js Makes sure "adding" a string to a Callbacks object doesn't cause a st…
core.js Fix #12229, size/consistency improvements. Close gh-887.
css.js Fix #12243, $("col").width() should return the column's width. Close g…
data.js Fix #12229, size/consistency improvements. Close gh-887.
deferred.js deferred.promise(obj) should work with non-objects. Fixes #12521. Muc…
deprecated.js Fix #12333. Chrome needs $.browser.webkit too.
dimensions.js Fix #12283. Return null for dimension getters on non elements. Fix gh…
effects.js Fix #12447: Ensure starting-point calc takes finite time. Close gh-922.
event.js Fix #12229, size/consistency improvements. Close gh-887.
exports.js Strips IIFEs from modules; Always require built jQuery for tests.
intro.js Finish the license changes, including Sizzle.
manipulation.js Fix #12347 and #12384. Use a fresh div in jQuery.clean each time.
offset.js Fix #12536. Start at .offset() 0,0 if no getBoundingClientRect.
outro.js Landing pull request 586. Create exports.js for exporting jQuery to w…
queue.js Fix #12278. Promises on non-default queue wait until a dequeue is att…
serialize.js Extracts the serialization code from the ajax module so that alternat…
sizzle-jquery.js Sizzle: minor adjustments and a small fix in the child selector regex
support.js Remove useless guard for `a`. Close gh-918.
traversing.js Fix a regression where has with multiple contexts was not filtering c…
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