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ajax Fix #10417. setTimeout w/o 2nd arg is jQuery.later! Close gh-1065.
sizzle @ 3e40b5d Update Sizzle
.jshintrc Make compatible with jshint, lint test/data. Close gh-1043.
ajax.js Fixes awkward spacing
attributes.js Fix #12945. Check for .getAttribute so IE9 is happy.
callbacks.js Fix #12959: Optimize library-wide patterns
core.js Resurrect buildFragment and sacrifice jQuery.clean. See gh-1117.
css.js Ref #8908. Update IE9 css clone fix. Close gh-1120.
data.js Fix #12959: Optimize library-wide patterns
deferred.js Propagate context of returned deferred object in Deferred.then(). Fix…
deprecated.js Remove APIs now in jquery-compat
dimensions.js Pass style declarations around for performance improvements and pavin…
effects.js No ticket: compress event.js
event.js Fix #13203: delegated events with selector matching Object.prototype …
exports.js Strips IIFEs from modules; Always require built jQuery for tests.
intro.js Update copyrights used in file headers.
manipulation.js Add a comment
offset.js Pass style declarations around for performance improvements and pavin…
outro.js Landing pull request 586. Create exports.js for exporting jQuery to w…
queue.js Fix #13103. Add .finish() method. Cherry picked from b6abb31.
serialize.js Fix #12959: Optimize library-wide patterns
sizzle-jquery.js Sizzle: minor adjustments and a small fix in the child selector regex
support.js Opera 12.0 still implements an older version of the DOM so cloneNode …
traversing.js Ref #13019 and gh-1062. Use parentNode check instead of isDisconnecte…
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