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Tests: Lower the checks rounding error

The CSS value rounding error was causig failures on FF and IE.
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@gnarf gnarf authored
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ajax.js Ajax: remove deprecated extensions from ajax promise
animation.js Effects: Adding unit tests for jQuery.Animation
attributes.js Attributes: add SVG class manipulation
callbacks.js Callbacks: Don't abort execution on .lock()
core.js Revert "Offset: allow offset setter to throw for disconnected elements"
css.js CSS: Don't cache unrecognized CSS property names
data.js Data: remove the expando when there's no more data
deferred.js Deferred: Always handle progress callbacks before done/fail
deprecated.js Deprecated: Drop size and andSelf methods
dimensions.js Offset: Round offset value for the sake of floating errors
effects.js Effects: Add tests for jQuery.Tween
event.js Event: remove outdated originalEvent hack
exports.js Landing pull request 586. Create exports.js for exporting jQuery to w…
manipulation.js Manipulation: Make an HTML interception point
offset.js Offset: add tests for hidden elements + scroll
queue.js Correct spacing.
ready.js Core: remove custom ready event
selector.js Selector: add test for jQuery.unique() alias
serialize.js Misc: Drop support for older browsers; update support comments
support.js Tests: Remove Edge version from the user agent
traversing.js Selector: add jQuery.uniqueSort; deprecate jQuery.unique
tween.js Tests: Lower the checks rounding error
wrap.js Wrap: Support .unwrap( selector) for selective unwrapping
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