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Don't Act on Absent Elements
jQuery Fundamentals

jQuery won't tell you if you're trying to run a whole lot of code on an empty selection — it will proceed as though nothing's wrong. It's up to you to verify that your selection contains some elements.

// BAD: this runs three functions
// before it realizes there's nothing
// in the selection

// Better
var $mySelection = $("#nosuchthing");

if ( $mySelection.length ) {



// BEST: add a doOnce plugin
jQuery.fn.doOnce = function( func ){

  this.length && func.apply( this );

  return this;


$("li.cartitems").doOnce(function() {

  // make it ajax! \o/


This guidance is especially applicable for jQuery UI widgets, which have a lot of overhead even when the selection doesn't contain elements.

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