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<script>{ "title": "Attributes", "level": "beginner" }</script>

An element's attributes can contain useful information for your application, so it's important to be able to get and set them.

The .attr() method

The .attr() method acts as both a getter and a setter. As a setter, .attr() can accept either a key and a value, or an object containing one or more key/value pairs.

.attr() as a setter:

$( "a" ).attr( "href", "allMyHrefsAreTheSameNow.html" );

$( "a" ).attr({
	title: "all titles are the same too!",
	href: "somethingNew.html"

.attr() as a getter:

$( "a" ).attr( "href" ); // Returns the href for the first a element in the document