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Expand `javascript-101/scope` #89

ajpiano opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Expand to expain call and apply, and explain them in the context that beginners are familiar with - the notion of this "changing" as you go from one section of code into an event handler . We should link to, if not borrow from, @wycats's Understanding JavaScript Function Invocation and “this”.

We should also explain how to use $.proxy and/or Function.prototype.bind to control the scope of a function later on, as well as the good old var that = this pattern.


I've reached out to Yehuda to see if he would be okay with us borrowing some of his content for this. Failing this, I know WebReflection and one or two others have also covered this topic before.

When you say we should cover $.proxy, do you mean in another section or in JS101? I mentioned this in another issue but perhaps it would make sense to avoid jQuery examples here and cover those in follow up sections?.


@addyosmani I think we should avoid jQuery examples in JS101, thus moving $.proxy to a different section. I think it makes sense to keep JS101 and jQuery separate.


Scope and this in JavaScript by @jackfranklin has a lot of the nuts-and-bolts "how to deal with scope" content that I'd been envisioning for this article. Let's use it as a reference point or see if @jackfranklin is willing to contribute some of the content back here :)


Hey @ajpiano thanks for the mention :) I'd be happy to contribute content from that article into the site. How best do you want to go about it?


@jackfranklin: Does your gracious offer still stand?


@adrocknaphobia wow, forgot about this! Yes it does :)


@jackfranklin Awesome, sorry about the..... lull :)

The best thing to do is just fork this repo and work your content into the existing scope article and file a pull request. I think this article is going to be a somewhat low-level, "Scope: What is This," and then we should have a separate article on scope manipulation, how you can do it, and how it happens a lot under the hood in jQuery.


This was addressed a year ago in 6fc9783.

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