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These are some style and typography fixes for the sections index, contributing, and About jQuery.

(I've decided I'm going to do these fixes section by section, opening a new pull request for each one.)

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This seems to be stale, or at least it's telling me things can't be merged.


@gnarf37 Does it work now?

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It does, though I'll let @ajpiano or @kswedberg or someone else review/land this one.

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Thanks @alimony and sorry for the delay in reviewing these PRs. However, we shouldn't be using entities when we can just use the literal characters, and we don't want to switch to using to actual "fancy" apostrophes instead of a the easily-typed '. That means we should use — instead of — and not actually switch to ’ Do you think you can make those changes, @alimony ?

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We also should make this clearer in the style guide


@ajpiano I've pushed some additional commits, decoding all entities and using straight apostrophes, as well as some other fixes.

I did a git rebase master on this branch after pulling all changes on master, but somehow a recent commit by @agcolom found its way here. Should I do something about that? Or: Should I in any way shuffle things around in these commits to make it more manageable?

/ Best regards, someone still not 100% comfortable with git :)

alimony added some commits Feb 25, 2013
@alimony alimony Style fixes in
* e.g., -> e.g.
* Github -> GitHub
@alimony alimony Style fixes in index.html
* Fix unmatched <p> tag
* Always use curly apostrophe
* "just out of the reach" -> "just out of reach"
@alimony alimony Style fixes in about-jquery
* Curly apostrophes
* Em dashes
* Proper capitalization of abbreviations (HTML etc.)
* Linkify
@alimony alimony Code style adherence in 0e7a21e
@alimony alimony Fix trailing whitespace. e246044
@alimony alimony Additional style fixes.
* Decode HTML entities, also using straight apostrophes.
* Remove trailing whitespace.
* Spaces to tabs.
@alimony alimony Code style fixes.
* Spaces to tabs.
* More spaces around arguments.
* HTML style guide adherence.

I just accidentally forced pushed to this branch… let me know if anything needs to be done for it to apply.

@ajpiano ajpiano closed this in 1f48ad2 Mar 14, 2013
@rmurphey rmurphey added a commit to rmurphey/ that referenced this pull request Mar 17, 2013
@rmurphey rmurphey Merge branch 'master' into fix_method_refs
* master: (21 commits)
  Remove remaining trailing whitespace from all pages. Fixes #313.
  Style and typography fixes, and code style adherence in the JavaScript 101 section. Fixes #312.
  Correct comment in :input selector in Selecting Elements article. Fixes #306.
  Expand the JavaScript 101 'Scope' article with more useful information and explanations. Fixes #201.
  Added 0 to the list of falsy values in JavaScript 101 Conditional Code article. Fixes #300. Fixes #271
  Inserted missing word in the JavaScript 101 Arrays article. Fixes #299.
  Fixed inconsistency in showLinkLocation example in Basic Plugin Creation article. Fixes #307.
  Fix example and other style cleanup in Basic Plugin Creation article. Fixes #310. Fixes #311.
  Update list of reserved words in JavaScript. Fixes #301.
  Style and typography fixes and code style adherence in the Events section. Fixes #294.
  Style and typography fixes, and code style adherence in the Effects section. Fixes #290.
  Style and typography fixes, and code style adherence in the Code Organization section. Fixes #287.
  Remove double ampersands in README header. Fixes #284.
  Code and prose style improvements to all articles in Ajax chapter. Fixes #283.
  Style fixes on the About page. Fixes #279.
  Style guide fixes for the index, contributing, and About jQuery articles. Fixes #270
  relabel queue/dequeue content as advanced
  Added a missing 'i' in the for loop. Fixes #280.

@arthurvr arthurvr pushed a commit to arthurvr/ that referenced this pull request Jan 4, 2015
@alimony alimony Style guide fixes for the index, contributing, and About jQuery artic…
…les. Fixes #270
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