QUnit.log outputs HTML, but it shouldn't #32

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NV commented Sep 1, 2010
QUnit.log = function(a, msg){

test("some test", function(){
  equals(1, 2);


<span class="test-message">undefined</span>, expected: <span class="test-expected">2</span> result: <span class="test-actual">1</span>, diff: <del>2 </del><ins>1 </ins>

I'm using qunit-tap and it outputs HTML into terminal.

FND commented Sep 4, 2010

I've had similar issues with Kopfloss, where I ended up using some hacky string replacements to get rid of that markup.
I agree it would be nice if that wasn't necessary.


I agree. I am working on refactoring out the output formatting to a separate object so that a new one for Ant/JUnit style output (or whatever flavor) can easily be created.

jQuery Foundation member

Pass raw data (result, message, actual, expected) as third argument to QUnit.log. Closed by c2cde34

This issue was closed.
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