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This is a feature request, not a bug.

I'd love the ability to be able to select multiple modules at once.
In my test suite, I always have different modules like "domains (valid)" and "domains (invalid)". If I make a change to the part of the code that handles the (in this example) domains, I'd love to see both modules (but no other modules). Currently, I need to run those two modules individually, or I have to run all tests/modules (which takes pretty long).

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You can use the oldschool filter query parameter manually, in this case ?filter=domains should run all the domains modules. It'll also match whatever else has "domains" in their name, one of the reasons we don't promote that anymore.

Does that work for you?


Thanks for your reply. In my specific case, it would work for the less general module names, but unfortunately for domains that also triggers 5 other modules that contain "Domains (anything here)". Although it does leave a lot of unnecessary tests out (94% of total), still 53% of the results displayed are for the modules that don't need to be ran. (In this specific case of course).
Naturally, I could rename the modules or comment out the other tests or similar, but I thought it could be a useful extension of QUnit (which is already great :D) to specifically run a couple of modules and nothing else than that.

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@Famlam How would you hope to use this functionality? Via URL params similar to the filter technique @jzaefferer described above or some other mechanism?


The way that would be most preferred by me personally would be by using the current module selection box, where you can keep ctrl (or shift) pressed to select multiple modules. (Sort-of <select multiple="multiple">, however, if you'd use that literally that would automatically result in a UI issue (in Chrome at least), because it then automatically displays the <select> as a block instead of a listbox.)
Regarding URL query parameters I don't know what is the most wise idea:

  • ?module=firstmodulename&module=secondmodulename&module=thirdmodulename (will multiple times the same key give issues?)
  • ?module=firstmodulename{separator}secondmodulename{separator}thirdmodulename (issue: which separator to use, since the separator may not occur in the module name).

However, if possible, I would personally prefer to click the module names in the list box rather than typing them manually in the URL. Especially if a user in the future wishes to select, say, half of the modules, typing them all in the URL would be pretty time consuming.

A second possibility within the UI would be:
1. add a menu item < multiple > to the end of the drop down menu that currently lists the module names (if the number of modules > 2)
2. when clicked, a small overlay displays the modules in a list box, where one could select all modules to show. (Possible other buttons/links here: 'select all' 'select none' 'submit' 'cancel') 3. upon submit (enter key or a button click), the selected modules are loaded.

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I don't see any good way to address this. The ?filter= query is still the most reasonable option here, since everything else would be cumbersome for the user (listing multiple modules by hand) or make the UI unnecessarily complicated (your other suggestions).

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wontfix, see my previous comment

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