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When not logged-in, dblclick still attempts to wiperun #210

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Timo Tijhof
Timo Tijhof

We should simply not make the request in the first place.

Timo Tijhof Krinkle closed this issue from a commit
Davit Barbakadze jayarjo WipejobAction: Use tokens instead of sessions. Addresses #209.
* Per #209: Don't allow actions to happen without tokens with just
  a GET or POST request (goes for both the API and the GUI).

  WipejobAction now requires a token to be passed and ignores the

* Since we use the API in the GUI as well, we need the auth token
  in the webpage state. Exporting as SWARM.user.
  Not including in InfoAction since that might introduce a
  venerability in the API.

* job.js: Wrapping event binding in an if statement for SWARM.user,
  other wise it would throw a TypeError when trying to access
  SWARM.user.authToken of undefined SWARM.user when clicking things
  without being logged in. This also naturally fixes #210.

  And now sending authUsername/authToken to action=wipejob

* Issues:
 - makes progress on #209
 - closes #204
 - fixes #210
Timo Tijhof Krinkle closed this in 2073672
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