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@Krinkle Krinkle Fix broken link cb2feac
@Krinkle Krinkle Adding a hook manually because GitHub doesn't provide them like they do for READMEs 4e8ca31
@Krinkle Krinkle syntax 52d9eaa
@Krinkle Krinkle Update screenshots to TestSwarm 1.0.0 (as of e79a1e222bec667ea40d37fcb54d2da4d8d70a7b); adding screenshot for job page 3156370
@Krinkle Krinkle Updated Home (markdown) d127e9b
@Krinkle Krinkle Link to the automation guide 41e696d
@Krinkle Krinkle Updated Home (markdown) 9ed9435
@Krinkle Krinkle rm 404 error 6556438
@Krinkle Krinkle +link to [[API]] 03d3ca9
@Krinkle Krinkle Add new screenshot 5d1b09e
@Krinkle Krinkle Updated Home (markdown) 375c98f
@Krinkle Krinkle Updated Home (markdown) 6814731
@Krinkle Krinkle Updated Home (markdown) b81111c
@Krinkle Krinkle Minor refactoring and updating to 2012, adding "Structure" section; removing stuff no longer relevant or now in the root README or in the addjob/README ec0ba4b
@hennr hennr remove google group and add irc channel ed0461b
@Krinkle Krinkle Update intro; remove warning about alpha-participation, is no longer on; add a different warning about state of the software ; convert to Markdown 8703b54
@jeresig jeresig Migrated from home v1 f2b6c2c
@jeresig jeresig Initial Commit 9bfdeea
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